Shallow of differential pressure transmitter field instruments such as typical faults in coal chemical production unit

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-05
。 pic1 { 浮:左; 保证金:10 px; 边界:1 px固体33 # f; } One, foreword with the continuous development of our economy and the improvement of people's living standard, the demand for energy consumption continues to grow, the supply of oil, natural gas is increasingly nervous, the rapid development in recent years, the new coal chemical industry is used to ensure national energy security. And coal chemical equipment field instruments is one of the necessary equipment in chemical production process. The scene of the coal chemical industry equipment instrument technique along with the development of the industry has always been in the update progress, fast, and a very wide scope. Refinement, with the innovation of technology and production process of the coal chemical industry device instrument selection, installation, and maintenance requirements are also increasing. This article from the several aspects of coal chemical industry device field instruments and a detailed analysis of typical faults. 2, instrument selection and installation of chemical unit has a variety of instrument, the same type of instrument manufacturers and there are a lot of, make each have each characteristic, and although some instrument were similar, but its measurement principle is quite different, so it is very important for instrument selection and installation, this is to ensure that the coal chemical industry device field instruments and stable operation, reduce the basis of the probability of failure. Instrument selection and installation must comply with the requirements for the use of the instrument and the characteristics of the process medium, combined with the actual situation of the comprehensive consideration. 1. Tested medium of the object and the physical and chemical properties for the instrument selection, production process and process must be considered medium features, such as temperature, humidity, pressure, the boiling point, corrosion resistance, etc. , to check the instrument conforms to the characteristics of production, which is directly decides the size of instrument maintenance in the future. 2. Instrument selection instruments such as the type, model, manufacturer have very big different, make the differences in the characteristics of each instrument, and the principle of each measurement must be in specific work environment, working conditions and requirements of each are not identical, the external conditions are the main factors influencing the instrument measuring precision and failure, so the need according to the specific requirements of type selection of instrument, factors such as environment, conditions, instrument to select the suitable for the current work. 3. Instrument installation of instrument to the normal work, the need for personnel to process control system, accessory equipment and other equipment, pipeline, according to the design requirements and specifications together constitute a control loop to achieve, even if there is a little small problems, are likely to be directly responsible for the instrument malfunction, so the accuracy of the instrument installation is the premise to reduce failure occurs. Three, the correct maintenance of the instrument in order to actually reduce instrument malfunction, maintenance is extremely important job content, maintenance is a preventive measure, to be able to rule out potential failure factors, so as to ensure the normal order of the instrument and stable running. Instrument maintenance work is mainly composed of two parts, respectively is a regular maintenance and on-site inspection. Due to coal chemical production environment is poorer, inspection personnel should pay attention to such as vibration, dust, high temperature caused by PaoMaoDiLou, dirt jam, aging problem such as short circuit, timely find timely treatment; For regular maintenance, * to determine the maintenance cycle of instrumentation equipment, formulate relevant system, according to the cycle for instrument and related system to conduct a comprehensive inspection and maintenance of key inspection for some of the old instrument, over and over again to confirm whether it can continue to work, once confirmed cannot be used, resolutely give fall into disuse, inspection and repair process, do a good job records of all inspection and maintenance projects, provide data support for the future inspection and maintenance.
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