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by:KAIDI     2021-01-26
Katie focus on oil depot train for chemical plant oil loading and unloading, storage and transportation automatic quantitative loading system system, batch control meter, the research and development and production of the chain, companies through-train service, after-sale guarantee. Quantitative loading control system adopts two level master-slave distributed control, by one or more for & other; Centralized management & throughout; PC machine and installed in hair oil on the number of units used for & other; Scattered throughout hair oil & control; Quantitative loading control instrument, through the RS485 communication network or between industrial Ethernet and the corresponding communication protocol to achieve data acquisition, loading management and process control. Quantitative loading process of the control system mainly includes the data acquisition equipment, control equipment, security equipment, by the flow meter, valve, oil spill prevention switch, vehicle static release, the human body static electricity release, combustible gas detection alarm system, electric control key box, explosion-proof car stop, quantitative loading crane tube holders snap switch, a valve and control instrument 11 components, can realize quantitative hair oil control, charge loading, earthing protection, power-fail protection, data acquisition, the order of the valve and pump control, the field stop, remote and on-site real-time monitoring, communication network and device self-checking function, greatly improve the safety level of indications for loading and unloading of the car. Quantitative loading system of explosion-proof loading control instrument manufacturers direct marketing advisory welcome custom!
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