Orifice meter technology and related to the inheritance and development of field measurement technology

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-23
Description of orifice meter: orifice meter belongs to the traditional flow measurement instrumentation, is through the principle of differential pressure to cooperate all sorts of differential pressure gauge or differential pressure transmitter to measure all kinds of fluid flow in pipes. The throttling gear system including ring chamber orifice, nozzle, etc. Throttling device with differential pressure transmitter, can measure the rate of flow of liquid, steam, gas, now has been widely used in petroleum, chemical, metallurgical, power, light industry and other departments, is a kind of flow meter is important in the industrial production type. Orifice flowmeter measurement principle is: measurement method based on the energy conservation law and the law of flow continuity as a benchmark, when filled with fluid pipe, when they flow through the pipe of the throttle device, a beam to local contraction at the throttling of the throttle device, so that the flow velocity increases, the static pressure is low, so the throttling parts before and after the pressure drop is produced, the pressure difference, the greater the flow of medium flow, in the front and rear of the throttling parts the greater the pressure difference, so the orifice meter can be measured by the size of the pressure difference to measure fluid flow. In recent years, with the development of automatic control technology and artificial intelligence, a new type of intelligent orifice meter by many industrial companies choose, the intelligent throttling device ( Orifice meter) Is integrating flow, temperature and pressure detection, temperature, pressure, and can automatically compensate the new generation of flowmeter, the orifice meter adopts the new technology of advanced computer technology and micro power consumption, strong function, compact structure, simple operation, easy to use. Orifice meter technology development milestone in view of the limitations of orifice flow JiJi history database, in the late 1970 s, the United States institute of petroleum and gas processors association has proposed a set up new concentric square edge flange taps pressure orifice outflow coefficient database program, known as the API experimental plan ( API Experimental Program) 。 Almost at the same time, the commission of the European Community ( CEC) Also made a similar experiment plan, known as the EEC experimental plan ( 欧共体实验项目) , the aim of the two projects, is to create a high quality of orifice outflow coefficient of database. In 11 laboratory, oil, water, air and gas making a test fluid, after more than 10 years of efforts, to create a new database. Orifice meter 1983 international academic conference on June 9, 1983 to 10, in the proceedings of the national bureau of standards ( 国家统计局) Orifice flow meter academic meeting, the meeting initiator for the NBS, the gas research institute ( GRI) And the British NEL, I. Country to 10. Delegates to, on behalf of the staff has three aspects: meter manufacturing and the use of personnel, fluid mechanics research workers, theoretical and computational mathematical research workers. The theme for how to improve the accuracy of orifice flowmeter measurement? Read three plenary paper theme, reflects the present situation and the level of three aspects: (1) the present situation of the orifice meter, using range and the existing problems; (2) the present status of fluid flow based measurement science and level, make contributions to aojiang orifice flow meter technology potential; (3) fluid flow with the current situation of the computer simulation and level, research the potential of computer simulation for orifice flowmeter. Meeting to discuss the basic issues: (1) t differential pressure test instrument of pressure field technical characteristic, a deeper understanding of the ability of measuring pressure field; (2) and the orifice of the choke upstream parts flow field, integrated with the experiment and calculation technology ( Such as laser doppler velocity measurement, flow visualization and visibility) ; (3) the fluid through the orifice throttling flow field after a change, with computer simulation; (4) orifice examination of the experimental data and the test equipment; (5) the standard difference for installation requirements. Orifice meter at the scene of a number in the test, the representation method of orifice flowmeter can system, form a loop of each instrument ( Or element) Should have their own instrument a number. A combination instrument a number by letter and loop number of two parts. Instrument a number, a letter measured variables, the subsequent alphabet instrument function. The circuit number can according to the device or I - Segment ( Area) To prepare, with 3 - in general Five Numbers. Instrument a number according to the measured variable classification. The same device ( Or section) Same instrument were apparent l variable number of digital serial number is continuous, but allow free asked no. : instrument a number of different measured variable cannot be numbered consecutively.
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