On how to analyze the failure of the industrial automation instrument overview of handling

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-20
。 pic { 浮:正确; 保证金:10 px; 边界:1 px固体33 # f; } Along with our country economic growth and the rapid development of modern industry, for the application of industrial process automation control is becoming more common, in the process control system automation instrument become the indispensable equipment in industrial production, industrial production for the level of demand, such as flowmeter, pressure meter instrument is becoming more and more big. Because our country's technology development, the use of automation equipment has become very extensive. And, in the process of industrial production, automation instrument can be more effective to the actual situation of production, more accurate monitoring, so that the efficiency of industrial production has been further improved. Because of automation instrument is very important in industrial production, the relevant staff must be on automation instrument adopts scientific maintenance measures, so that the instrument can work more safety and stability. Industrial production and laboratory research, different in laboratory instruments are able to work in ideal external environment, industrial production field is completely different, however, show the scale is big, bad environment, under complex conditions, interference factors, cause the automation instrument in the industrial production will often appear problem, even imported brand products, it's hard to say there will not be used. Automation instrument problems, not only may lead to industrial production to cease, and even can lead to serious accidents. For industrial automation instrument repair, therefore, it is very important, but the instrument repair work is very complicated, so in order to improve the work efficiency of industrial production and increase the rate of instrument repair, this study will work for industrial automation instrument troubleshooting briefly analyzed and discussed. A, about automation instrument analysis is commonly used in industrial production, A) In industrial automation production flow meter flow meter, just as its name implies is to measure tool material quantity. And the applicable scope of the flow meter is also very wide, such as industrial fields, municipal engineering, product quality improvement, etc. , and the scientific basis of saving energy and reducing pollutant emission in China, is a very important in the production of industrial automation equipment. Comparison of several commonly used in the industrial flow meter mainly include the volume flow meter, derivation method of flow meter, direct mass flow meter, such as the types of common electromagnetic flowmeter, turbine flowmeter, vortex flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, and other products, its working principle is also different. ( 2) Industrial automation in the production of temperature instrument temperature instrument is to monitor the temperature of the instrument in the industrial production. And for industrial production, temperature is a very important parameter, so for the industrial production of the real-time monitoring of temperature is has the very vital significance. In industrial production, often using non-contact temperature monitoring method, which mainly through thermistor temperature monitoring method of determination of mutual cooperation to achieve the temperature of the thermocouple and temperature control. ( 3) Industrial automation in the production of liquid level instrumentation in industrial production, the staff according to measuring the different ways to classify liquid level instrument, the main magnetic coupling type liquid level instruments are mainly buoyancy, matrix eddy current type, buoyancy type, magnetic telescopic, differential pressure type which a few kinds. Representative products of magnetic flap liquid level gauge, differential pressure type liquid level meter, float level gauge, magnetostrictive liquid level meter, level instrument is the main function of the liquid level measurement in industrial production. While the actual industrial production, also need to used in industrial production of raw materials, semi-finished products and finished products for liquid level detection. ( 4) Industrial automation in the production of pressure gauges in the actual industrial production, often appear due to the change of temperature, air pressure changes, if not for the changes of the pressure to determine the timely, accurate, will cause great harm to industrial production. To monitor the quality of these pressures and pressure meter is an effective instrument. But due to causes of stress will be many in the industry, as a result, pressure gauge will be classified according to the stress of different causes, the current pressure instrument mainly include piston type, pressure type and liquid column type 3 kinds. Related personnel will be according to the actual conditions in industrial production for reasonable choice of pressure instrument.
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