Magnetic level gauge turning what are the common troubleshooting?

by:KAIDI     2021-02-18
Magnetic flap liquidometer issue inspection criterion and disposal of 1, liquid level change, magnetic level gauge turning not see glass level gauge instructions first, magnetic level gauge appear inconsistent with its turning, craft level is normal, certainly for level gauge stop turning sewage irrigation, drainage to turn off when the upper sampling valve, the drainage process in the open, close the valve must be slow, pollution problem remains the same, after the magnet from down to up to stop turning available magnetic absorption, the flap can normal change, flap no problem. In magnetic absorption flap can't along with the change, should check the glass or plastic sheeting have deformation, plate deformation will form the flap axis different heart cannot reverse it. Float in the magnetic steel use time is too long, magnetic, float in the cohesion between the magnets and the flap of the small magnets magnetic effect, also can present not turning action. 2, magnetic flap indication disorder phenomenon is usually say & other; Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Phenomenon. Magnetic flap indicating the cause of the disorder are: local small magnetic steel, magnetic flap can produce different levels & other Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Phenomenon; With the progress of instrument with magnetic steel, magnetic stability to progress, compared with previous land present the probability of this kind of problem also greatly. Measurement of vaporizing medium level, working condition of stability of the measured medium gas phase and liquid phase conversion to reach equilibrium with each other, then the liquid level measurement value is normal. But pumped from the storage tank of liquid, the liquid on the surface of the space increases, the gas phase pressure is reduced, there will be local liquid, there will be a large number of air bubbles, small bubbles rise in the process of fusing into large bubbles and large bubbles into the liquid level gauge measurement catheter, can form a rise to the gas phase and gas phase encountered in the process of rising float, the gas will pass through float around, make the float movement speed through faster, and the measurement of the tube's external magnetic flap loss of magnetic cohesion, can form & other; Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Phenomena and the present level indicator is disorder. Have & other; Disorderly magnetic & throughout; Phenomenon, can use magnets to stop turning magnetic absorption, efficiency can change properly. 3, magnetic liquid level gauge turning appear biased because of various reason in consumption will be mixed with many air bubbles in the liquid phase, the phenomenon of liquid with gas will changes with the change of consumption when liquid with gas medium into the level measurement of catheter, medium density measurement of intraductal will attack changes, float of buoyancy will also change, the position of the float will alter, liquid level indicator indicated by turning will generate the error of high or low, appeared after a magnetic flap transmitter reflected in DCS will be high or low. At this time as long as the contact process, improve the operating conditions to eliminate or reduce the phenomenon of liquid with gas. 4, magnetic flap remote signals and on-site instruction level differences don't check the magnetic flap transmitter, power supply voltage, signal circuit can normal; Should also check the dry reed pipe and the resistance components can be poor contact, short circuit, open circuit fault; Interference from other magnetic field can make the dry reed pipe misoperation, from nominal resistance change and present level appear to trouble. Dry reed pipe adhesion not release are common problems, just quietly knocking measurement catheter ordinary can eliminate this problem. Intelligent magnetic flap transmitter output current is beyond 20 ma, or less than 4 ma, it is possible that alarm signal output value, and can use the diagnosis function to check the problem, according to the prompt information to suit the stop treatment.
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