Magnetic level gauge turning right

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-27
Magnetic level gauge turning right use and advantages: 1, magnetic level gauge ontology turning around does not allow a permeable material near, disable fixed wire, otherwise it will affect the normal work of the magnetic level gauge turning; 2, such as the user to choose trace pipe road, it is necessary to choose the magnetic materials, such as copper tube, etc. Heating temperature according to medium status judgement; 3, vertical magnetic level gauge turning device necessary, the magnetic flap between liquid level meter and the container tube should be equipped with ball valve, easy to maintenance and cleaning; 4, media should not contain solid impurities or magnetic material, avoid to float card resistance; 5, should be taken before using the correction magnets will below zero ball into a red, the other ball into a white; 6, open the bottom flange, into the magnetic float ( Note: magnetic end up heavy end, cannot flip. ) ; Seven, debugging should be opened the upper guide tube valve, then slowly open the bottom valve, let the medium smoothly into the main pipe ( Work should be avoided in the media rushed float, float column shake, affect the blink accuracy) , query magnetic turn red and white ball is normal, then close the tube valve, open the drain valve, let the led tube liquid level drops, this method for three times, it is normal to work ( Such as corrosive especially liquid) ; 8, should be based on the medium, not regular cleaning led tube to remove impurities; 9, beyond a certain length ( Ordinary> 3 m, anti-corrosion type> 2 m) Liquid level meter, need to increase the base reinforcement flange or ear soar as a fixed support, in order to increase strength and beat its weight; 10, magnetic level gauge equipment bearing, turning to avoid or away from the material medium import and export, avoid the material fluid in some areas of rapid change, influencing the accuracy of the level measurement; 11, when equipped with the supporting surface water to do the following a few: 1) , should make far eastone supporting surface close to the level led tubes, and stainless steel hoop fixed ( Disable the iron) ; 2) , far eastone supporting surface induction surface should be oriented and close to the main pipe; 3) , far eastone supporting surface should be zero and zero level gauge instructions at the same level; 4) Flashing, far eastone supporting surface and the surface or industrial computer, the connection between maintenance single pipe installation or use the block 2 core cable laying; 5) , junction box into the hole after installation, need to seal well, avoid the rain, moisture intrusion and make the far eastone supporting surface does not work, after completion of the repair or adjust junction box should be covered in a timely manner. Magnetic level gauge turning advantage: 1, planning a brief, equipment bento, low maintenance cost. 2, suitable container liquid medium, the position of the measurement of liquid level. In addition to the instructions given, also can match remote transmitter, alarm, switches, control switches, testing function completely. 3, measure the planning, from the storage tank height limit. 4, organization and completely isolated from measured medium, float liquid level gauge and good sealing, high reliability, use safety. 5, indicating novel, intuitive readings, dazzling, query indicator according to user needs to change in the direction of the point of view. 6, explosion-proof, corrosion resistance, no power
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