Magnetic level gauge turning over the impact on the accuracy and the problem

by:KAIDI     2021-02-17
Magnetic piece is located in the floating barrels of the outside world, is the key to the magnetic level gauge turning parts. When the inspcetion inside the float barrel with liquid level meter elevator, oil level sensor in the magnetic steel to flip on magnetic coupling efficiency drive magnetic piece rotating 180 & deg; , turn over the white interchange is the specific ratio of liquid level meter. Therefore, double magnetic flap for liquid level is on great harm can work smoothly by the spectrum. So, harm magnetic level gauge turning over what are the elements of credibility? Typically, hazard factors of magnetic level gauge turning over the credibility of the key has the following contents: 1, 1) flip chip structure and appearance Flip chip structure is made up of around each of the two part, and its internal right in the middle will have 1 small magnetic columns. Double piece of component structure rules, with two look the same and symmetry, or assembled into a double after the quality of the overall structure around the uniform. 2) Flip chip design is usually the skew flat rectangular shape or cylindrical, rotating regulation spirit and lighter. If the structure of the doubling piece looks different, uneven quality, in a heavy, one side the status of the light, that will cause double chain not leveling, assumes the wavy or oblique, hazard goods both beautiful and easy, more serious when also can harm the dashboard all normal work and liquid level meter. 2, turn over the materials according to different load, magnetic pieces can use different materials. Production and processing to piece of raw materials on the market the key of aluminum alloy profiles, plastic ABS, polyester the PA66 material. 1) Aluminum material. Compared with other materials, aluminum material of colour and lustre is gentle, good heat resistance, usually under the load of high temperature applications. 2) ABS material. This kind of material of weak resistance to aging, under the condition of the sun, very prone to brittle embrittlement. But its good formability, by its production and processing more than doubling piece in the room temperature of no long term under the place of direct application by the sun; 3) Polyester plastic. Because of polyester plastic heat resistance and aging resistance is good, so often used in warm or outdoor illumination in the natural environment. Finally, the quality of double and magnetic column 1) The more lightweight double rotation of sliding friction is small, so to make the turn to rotate, not harm doubling piece overall under the precondition of compressive strength, doubling piece should be light as far as possible; 2) Piece of small magnetic column put pieces of rolled piece, based on magnetic attraction with self-locking interlock connection into a whole, make the flip chip labeled more smoothly. Flip chip net weight, the greater the small magnetic column with magnetic stronger; The net weight of the lighter, small magnetic column with magnetic can be weaker. Therefore, doubling piece under the different load the actor bad of character of the material and its production and processing of magnetic flap is decision-making level gauge dashboard could work on the key link. Meter sales engineer will communicate with customers for the enterprise using the load, and choose the suitable material for the customer. Product research and development production staff in the process of product research and development, must not let every one key point, production for the customer to create high quality of goods. Is about & other; Hazard factors of magnetic level gauge turning over the credibility of & throughout; About the detailed introduction, look forward to the dashboard in the same industry, in turn, help, if you would like to know a lot of material level switch ( Level switches, liquid level switch) , material level meter, Material level meter, level gauge) Material level measurement equipments such as level of professional knowledge.
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