Magnetic level gauge turning float high and low how to deal with

by:KAIDI     2021-02-17
In the practical application of magnetic level gauge measuring liquid gas liquid level float when turning the problem of high and low how to deal with? Shandong kaidi automation to explain below: first, liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) is widely in industrial production has the use of liquid fuels, storage and delivery pressure airtight tanks to demand, and timely and accurately level it is very important to get inside the tank. For liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) there are many types of level measurement of the surface, but the biggest use is magnetic flap of liquid level meter, because the magnetic flap liquid level meter only relying on the buoyancy effect and magnetic coupling principle of operation, do not demand the power converter operation can be flashing on the internal level, thus to eliminate the electrical hazards. Plus bento instructions, the price is suitable for the live, and liked by many users. Magnetic level gauge used to measure the turning liquefied gas liquid level, the material selection of liquefied gas of cavitation resistant material. Not principle here is that the direct view roots type magnetic flap in the level you can understand. Case to clarify: here user stories are used to analyze gas magnetic flap liquid level meter in the use of liquefied gas measurement. Some users ask: our factory measuring magnetic flap of liquefied gas liquid level meter liquid level at noon in the past two days are always high and low, close the valve open, float or good, gas liquid valve is no problem, very clear, could you tell me how to solve what reason be? General form of such a phenomenon for two reasons: 1, a liquid, the gasification of liquid air blocking phenomenon occurs, the so-called air blocking, is of low boiling point liquid at some point in the pipe or a location for the outside part temperature vaporization, the vaporization of gas for other reasons not immediately after removing and stay here holds the appropriate space and block liquid activity, composition of liquid air blocking. 2, may be a float stuck, I chose the steel pipe thickness is small, maybe there's a big foreign body sometimes stuck float a false phenomenon of liquid level. 3, maybe float magnetic significantly weaken, but roots will not occur in the phenomenon. Thus summing up the above 3 points, again according to the characteristics of liquefied petroleum gas measurement, acknowledged that the most probably cause this phenomenon is gasification, this kind of situation if your time is to buy our factory magnetic level gauge, turning parameters should be in accordance with the site specific practice, fully consider the gasification of customized float density of evening. Second, the reason and the solution: magnetic structure is simpler, level gauge turning principle is not messy, roots type magnetic flap of the liquid level in the leading cause of defects happen don't touch the electronic and electrical, are the reasons for machinery. Magnetic flap the level of eighty percent after-sales problem first because inspcetion liquidometer float easily jammed, frame action and action. Primary reason is: 1, high temperature and high pressure may constitute a float compression deformation and jam; 2, medium easy crystallization, smudgy, thick, strong corrosion resistance, etc have may constitute a float stick or card, such as resistance, deformation or leak magnetic steel fall within 3, float processing way first have the following kinds: 1, reasonable choice according to the dielectric properties of the surface; 2, about the medium easy crystallization, dirt and other regular emission; 3, the more smudgy liquid equipment filter or filter and punctual blowdown. 4, check the float found damaged replacement on 5, advised to choose a high credibility of the manufacturer to produce products 6, for easy to be crystallized liquids equipped with thermal insulation may heat tracing. 7, frame and float inside the magnet steel magnetic is must cycle, punctual to view the replacement. 8, the diameter of the float to choose not too big or too small, too big easily jammed, small float magnetic adsorption efficiency can not easily not to reverse it. Manufacturers of magnetic flap liquidometer magnetic column magnetic level gauge flap type level gauge. Can be customized OEM welcomed the advisory procurement.
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