Magnetic level gauge for 4 - turning What are 20 ma remote connection requirements

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-30
Industrial automation instrument signal output is also a common usage of large type is 4 After 20 ma, but far eastone signal output types and 485 communications, 232, pulse, MUDbus, recently due to the popularity of wireless transmission technology and upgrade, remote signal to the application of GPS signal transmission also gradually more up. According to the experience of the technical staff and user's experience, the traditional 4 - 20 ma signal transmission in the practical work because of its strong anti-interference ability, stable transmission, is still far eastone signal * *. In the magnetic flap for liquid level 4 - in this paper 20 signal wiring explain the specific requirements. Magnetic level gauge on the basis of instrument ontology turning parts will be ready to test run after installation, and far eastone magnetic flap level gauge need to be wiring after installation. Generally far eastone 4 - for example 20 ma signal to the second digital display instrument, this will involve the magnetic level gauge turning remote device with two digital display instrument connection. Secondary display instrument of normal power supply power source is 220 v, and the magnetic level gauge turning remote transmission device is need 24 v power supply, secondary instrument has 24 v analog power supply, that is to say as long as give secondary instrument power supply, and then the liquid level meter remote device with the secondary instrument connection correct, can normal transmission liquid level signal. And correct wiring requirements are: the positive to the anode and the cathode to anode, this is not complicated, as long as the user to watch carefully when installation of terminal position clearly, above has a specific note. When the magnetic level gauge supporting alarm switch, turning instead to switch far transfer out, and then the time may also connect secondary instrument, may also directly connect pneumatic valve, control start to stop. Connection request is still the same. , of course, in addition to the correct wiring requirements, and detailed requirements, such as: 1, the magnetic flap liquidometer in wiring should steer clear of the large capacity of transformer, electric motor and the interference sources, because these will affect the level gauge will produce certain error when wiring. 2, for some explosion-proof type, in order to ensure the explosion-proof performance, therefore must be wiring is to have a regulation principle. 3, unscrewed the wiring end cover of junction box, cable through the cable joint to relative to meet, and is to be connected to 24 VDC at both ends, as shown. 4, according to the need of grounding terminal to pick. 5, tight junction box when you close the connection of the end cover. Above wiring for the magnetic level gauge turning general requirements and matters needing attention, if you for magnetic flap liquid level meter in the installation and use process more don't understand of place, can call our technical department, we are willing to make further communication with friends.
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