Magnetic flap liquid level meter application in sewage disposal characteristics and key points for attention

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-03
Magnetic level gauge is according to the principle of magnetic, Archimedes (turning Buoyancy law) Ingeniously combining the principle of mechanical drive and developed according to the features of a specialized for liquid level measuring instrument; Magnetic flap liquid level meter is a kind of basic products, the basic model is in fact - Or RZ - 0517 c 0517 d, respectively corresponding to the basic installed to the side and top loading mode, the side and top mounted on different installation site requirements, its precision and configuration requirements, on this basis also spawned other types, such as anti-corrosion type, with remote signal output, vacuum jacketed, bring up a alarm, etc. , to name but a few, the rest of the various types are based on the extension of; In the test level of basic functions at the same time we give them more practical function. Magnetic level gauge turning a accommodate floating ball cavity or we call it as the main body tube shell, magnetic level gauge with flange turning or other interfaces form a communicating vessels and containers; This cavity in the body of liquid level and liquid level inside the container is the same height, so the cavity in the body to float the club with the hoist and lifting container level; We can't see the liquid level, at the moment, so we're outside the cavity is filled with a double column display, because when we manufacture float in the floating ball into a liquid and the part of the border installed magnets, it has to do with floating ball with the liquid level fluctuation, its magnetic through shell is passed to the column display, promote magnetic double column flip 180 & deg; ; Due to the magnetic double column is a red and white two and a half cylindrical composite cylinder, so turn over 180 & deg; Toward the outside the double column display will change color, two color junction is the height of liquid surface. Magnetic flap liquid level meter vertical tube, there is a magnetic float in tube, pipe lined up on both sides of the small magnetic body, water level change, drive the ball float up and down movement, due to the effect pole drives the magnetic body, both sides in a magnetic body brush to display different color levels. Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is used more reliable, show more intuitive. But when using green red magnetic bodies, such as workshop lighting ordinary incandescent light and dark, observation are clear enough. In addition, some manufacturers use after a period of time, float the club gets stuck. So pay attention to regular cleaning. Common have white, green red and so on. However, strictly speaking, the magnetic water level gauge is not turning direct display of drum water level, so, not commonly used in low pressure and temperature of boiler using well such as hot water boiler. Also belong to the local display ( But with far eastone) 。 The characteristics of the magnetic flap the level 1. Suitable for the liquid level of liquid in the container medium interface, measurement. In addition to the instructions, also can match remote transmitter, switch, detection alarm function is complete. 2. Indicates a novel, intuitive reading and eye-catching, observing the direction of the indicator can be based on user need to change the point of view. 3. Large measuring range, from the storage tank height restrictions. 4. Indicating device and is completely isolated measured medium, good sealing, high reliability, the use of safe. 5. Magnetic flap liquid level meter has simple structure, easy installation, convenient maintenance, corrosion resistance, no power supply, explosion-proof. 1, grid control operation. Coarse grid and fine grid installed one magnetic flap liquid level gauge, liquid level difference before and after to reflect through gratings congestion degree, and transmitted to the PLC controller, analysis and calculation. When the liquid level difference more than the preset value, control the operation of grille, eliminate waste, to ensure normal water, and reasonable reduce equipment wear and tear. 2, lift pump control operation. To achieve the automatic control of the feed water pump, in into the pump Wells installed two magnetic column level gauge, measure pump well water level, real-time transmission to the PLC controller and PC, for system analysis. According to the measured values corresponding control program, automatically control the operation of the lift pump combination. So we can according to the factory outside water accurately and timely adjust the pump running state, reduce fatigue; At the same time can cancel the traditional human resources cost 3 and flow of the pump station three shifts and processing glass tube liquid level monitoring in real time. For the operation of the sewage treatment plant management, water is an important control parameter. Accurate and timely grasp into water, resistance to process control and improving sewage plant hydraulic impact load ability play an important role. Traditional water measured by weir plate or venturi flow channel, etc. , are not real-time monitoring, real-time display of the faults. Koh larn east sewage treatment plant tank using ultrasonic flowmeter with venturi slot, can real-time display traffic at the scene and the upper machine and accumulative total capacity, water reached the accurate measurement processing, as well as the aim of management to provide real-time traffic.
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