Is Kaidi magnetic liquid level gauge repurchase rate high?
The repurchase rate can be determined by product performance and product price. Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd. level gauge plays an important role in the market due to its relevant reasonable price and better quality. Thus its repurchase rate is higher than that of the other similar products. And our company also hold sales promotion, which can also help us to improve the repurchase rate and appeal to new customers, so as to enlarge our consumer group.

Established years ago, Kaidi is today a company specializing in level gauge. We have industry-leading product manufacturing capabilities. We will show you the temperature transmitter series that is most popular with customers. The design of KAIDI level indicator takes lots of factors into consideration. They include fabric type, coating, tensile strength, and behavior under fire and ultraviolet light. It is able to quickly and effectively detect and respond to some types of input. It is less prone to pilling in the long run. Fiber, which doesn't pill easily, is used and the lubricant agent is used in the jet dyeing and dyeing process to reduce wear and friction. This product is notable for its strong overload capacity.

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