Is industrial flow meter tested before shipment?
At Guangdong Kaidi Energy Technology Co., Ltd., the products have to go through a series of quality inspection and performance testing before being delivered to customers. Only those meet our strict quality standards, as well as customers’ requirements, will be delivered to our customers. In addition to the strict quality inspections conducted by our in-house QC experts, we also welcome the inspection of the third party if needed. Maintaining outstanding quality is our top priority. You can buy from us with confidence. We ensure zero-defect quality and long-lasting product performance.

Kaidi has come a long and far way in developing and manufacturing liquid level transmitter. We have made ourselves well known to the market. We will show you the magnetic level gauge series that is most popular with customers. KAIDI level gauge flapper roller rail is strictly tested. On-site checks are carried out following detailed checklists compiled based on customer requirements, international regulations, safety standards, and our extensive know-how. This product is not susceptible to cracks. All the features of this product guarantee an image true to the projected source for all viewers, regardless of their seating position. Since it is maintenance-free, this product significantly helps save operation costs.

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