Inventory classification and characteristics of pressure transmitter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2021-01-06
Pressure transmitter is one of the most commonly used sensors in industrial applications, are widely used in all kinds of industrial automatic control environment, involving pipe water and electricity, transportation, construction, military aerospace, machine tool, automatic control production and other industries. Pressure transmitter type can be divided into: resistance type pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter, pressure resistance semiconductor type transmitter, pressure transmitter, inductive transformer capacitance pressure transmitter, etc. , but piezoresistive type pressure transducer is used widely. Its products are cheap, high precision and good linearity. Now let domestic well-known pressure transmitter manufacturers - — Beijing kaidi engineers for everyone to do a simple introduction: 1 pressure transmitter, pressure transmitter on the resistance to stress, the first thing to know the resistance strain gauge. Resistance strain gauge in the device is measured element will change into electrical signal process of sensitive device. It is widely applied in the metal resistance strain gauge and semiconductor strain gauge. Usually, the strain gauge through a special adhesive and mechanical strain matrix. When the matrix stress changes, the resistance strain gauge will deformation together, make the resistance changes of strain gauge, make the change on the resistance of voltage. 2, diffusion silicon pressure transmitter diffusion silicon pressure transmitter is refers to the direct effects on the sensor measured medium layer pressure, micro displacement of diaphragm and the medium pressure is proportional to the change of sensor resistance, with electronic circuit to detect change, transformation and transmission signal corresponding to the pressure measuring. 3 sensor of piezoelectric sensors, piezoelectric pressure transmitter usually adopt traditional piezoelectric materials mainly have three: consists of quartz, sodium potassium tartrate and ammonium dihydrogen phosphate, etc. Among them, the quartz is a kind of natural crystal, in this kind of crystal is piezoelectric effect. In a certain temperature range, the piezoelectric properties. Pressure transmitter manufacturers engineer said: when the temperature more than this range, the piezoelectric properties disappear completely, the electric field along with the change of stress and slightly change, quartz is gradually replaced by other piezoelectric crystal. Because of ammonium dihydrogen phosphate is a kind of artificial crystal, has many characteristics, such as resistance to high temperature, high humidity, thus has been widely used, now in the piezoelectric effect has also been applied to the polycrystal. 4, capacitance pressure transmitter ceramic capacitance sensor is suitable for measuring the normal or corrosive medium, such as gas or liquid, but not tend to use the precipitation, crystallization or hardening materials, mainly used in tank level measurement.
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