Introduction to type liquid level meter in the wastewater treatment engineering requirements and product selection

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-31
。 pic { 浮:正确; 保证金:10 px; 边界:1 px固体33 # f; } Sewage treatment technology overview of sewage treatment is a systematic project, is to use various methods to isolate wastewater pollutants found in, or transformed into harmless and stability of the material, hence leading to the purification of wastewater. Involves the sewage collection, precipitation, processing, testing, discharge and so on a series of process, modern wastewater treatment technology, according to its action principle can be divided into physical method, chemical method, physical and chemical method and biological treatment method of four categories. Modern sewage treatment engineering will use to a variety of automated instrumentation, this paper combined with the principle of liquid level meter, and the characteristics of the wastewater treatment engineering, this paper expounds the in sewage treatment engineering is one of the more common level gauge selection and use of maintenance experience. Wastewater treatment engineering generally contain wastewater pretreatment, biochemical treatment systems, sludge treatment system of three parts. Wastewater pretreatment system is mainly composed of grille, sand and water separator into the water pump, thickness, etc; Biochemical treatment system is the core of the sewage treatment, generally including precipitation, flocculation, anaerobic, anoxic and aerobic process; Sludge treatment system is composed of sludge thickener and sludge dewatering machine, including homogeneous, concentration, sludge dewatering, disposal of the four basic procedures. Sewage treatment engineering involved level ( Poor) And flow rate, pressure, temperature, concentration, Including PH, dissolved oxygen, etc. ) , turbidity and other process parameters measurement. The level measurement accounts for a large proportion in each process stage almost have liquid level testing point. Measuring two medium containing water and solution. Solution is used to improve wastewater quality solution such as acid, alkali, etc. , generally pure solution in tank storage, mixed solution in concrete pool with a blender. Needless to say, water as the object of the sewage treatment, the liquid level detection quantity is more. Relative to other processes, sewage treatment engineering of water level measurement has its own characteristics: 1) Sediment, oil medium measurement is generally contain a variety of inorganic and organic pollutants such as wastewater, mostly in outdoor exposure in the pool; 2) Biochemical treatment system using air floatation process is more on the surface of a bubble; 3) Adjusting pool, concentrated tank is equipped with the blender. Compared to other types of measuring instrument, suitable for wastewater treatment engineering of many types of liquid level meter. Have two types of contact and non-contact measurement, involved including differential pressure, buoyancy, electrical, acoustic, and other measurement principle of liquid level gauge. The choice of instrument provides a large space, but also brings about the difficulty of the reasonable selection. Based on the type of liquid level meter, ultrasonic level meter and radar level gauge, for example, combined with the principle, summed up the practical work level gauge type selection, installation, use and maintenance experience. Four magnetic flap used in wastewater treatment engineering of the level 1 level 1. 1 measurement principle is based on principle of buoyancy and magnetic force. With the float of magnets ( Magnetic float) In the position of the measured medium affected by buoyancy effect. Liquid level changes lead to the change of the magnetic float position, magnetic float and magnetic double column ( Also become magnetic flap) Static magnetic coupling magnetic flip Angle (double column Magnetic double column surface coated with different color) And a true picture of the container level. 1. 2 the advantages and disadvantages and note 1) Show clear, intuitive readings, convenient for monitoring. 2) — With remote transmission function, choose the magnetic level gauge, turning does not need multiple sets of liquid level meter, can be implemented at the same time the scene monitoring and controlling of the cab, opening for equipment is less. Regular cleaning led tube to remove tube sedimentary material. Suggested supporting drain valve and convenient maintenance. If you measure the corrosive medium, you must choose corrosion products.
In the past few decades, customized level indicator production has increased because of the use of level gauge.
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