Introduction to sewage treatment plant level measurement of liquid level meter four selection

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-31
Measuring instrument development to today, there have been various types of liquid level gauge type, through the principle of communicating vessels made of glass level gauge, has increased the inspcetion by magnetic coupling principle of magnetic level gauge a turning; Have amount of differential pressure measurement by liquid level transmitter, was made by ultrasonic reflection principle of ultrasonic flow liquid level meter, etc. , this paper is through the type to the level of theory combined with the actual needs of technology of sewage treatment plant, introduce the selection of the sewage treatment industry of level gauge. The sewage treatment plant is mainly processing paper deinking effluent ( High concentrated wastewater of DIP) Papermaking wastewater and other production wastewater. The first DIP wastewater after anaerobic treatment, together with the papermaking wastewater and other production wastewater in SBR aerobic biological treatment system, and then after dealing with the tertiary chemical emissions. Treatment process of sludge after enrichment enrichment pool, sent to the outbound dewater sludge dewatering unit. Liquid level meter in wastewater treatment applications accounted for a large proportion, almost in every link of the whole sewage treatment are applied. Sewage treatment, the need to measure the liquid level have waste water, sludge, chemical solution, etc. In the use of automatic control of sewage treatment system, liquid level meter in addition to used to measure the liquid level meter, many also involves chain pump start-up and control in the automatic control valves open and close. These should be taken into consideration, we will according to the different types of level gauge for different physical and chemical properties of the measured liquid attention. The following according to the process analysis, and selection of sewage treatment level gauge. 1. Magnetic flap type level gauge this is an intuitive, type of instrument can be displayed at the scene in situ measurement, the principle of magnetic flap liquid level gauge is according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling principle of work. When the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, the float liquid level gauge led tube with lifting, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling is passed to the indicator, drive turned red, white double column 180 & deg; , when the liquid level rise, double column from white to red, when the liquid level drops, double column from red to white, indicator of red, white for the containers within the medium level the actual height of the world level, so as to realize liquid level instructions. Characteristics: 1) Simple structure, showing clear, intuitive readings, especially for the show. ( 2) Opening for equipment is less, the general selection with remote output of magnetic level gauge, turning to the scene and remote monitoring. ( 3) According to the situation of the medium, such as easy dirty easily blocked medium, you need to regular cleaning led tube, purge the lines of the sediments, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement. Magnetic flap on the wastewater treatment process, liquid level gauge is often used in chemical dissolving tank, acid tank, alkali tank liquid level measurement, etc. 2. Radar level meter antenna of radar sensor in the form of beam transmitting electromagnetic wave signal, the reflection in the material being tested surface reflection, reflected echo signal is received by the antenna. Every bit of emission and the reflected beam by ultrasonic sampling methods for collection. Signal after intelligent processor treatment medium and the distance between the probe and the terminal display for display, alarm and operation, etc. ( 3] Distance on the surface of the material distance D is proportional to the pulse of time travel T: D = C× T / 2 where C is the speed of light because of the distance of the empty cans E known, the level of L: L = E - D the characteristics of radar level gauge: ( 1) Radar level gauge adopts integrated design, have no moving parts, there is no mechanical wear, long service life. ( 2) Due to the characteristics of electromagnetic wave, not influenced by the environment. So the measurement applications more widely. Radar level gauge probe surface without contact with the media, is a non-contact measurement, can measure accurately and rapidly the different media. Probe is hardly affected by temperature, pressure, gas, etc. Can be in bad condition, change is big, such as water, steam, bubble of ultrasonic level meter situations. ( 3) Radar level gauge is suitable for use in a blender, liquid level changes, and changeable situation. ( 4) Radar level gauge prices relatively expensive, but can be applied almost every process level control process of sewage treatment. To sum up, due to the technological process of sewage treatment involves many need to measure the liquid level, but also because the characteristics of the wastewater treatment process itself, in the process of selection, need according to the characteristics of the technological process and the medium, to choose the appropriate level gauge, to process measurement accuracy and reliability of stability and economy will have great influence on service life. Suggest that, in the case of funds allow, try to choose high precision, less maintenance, long life level gauge. The level measurement and control of the whole sewage treatment in a reliable, stable and safe running. 3. Static pressure type level gauge is static pressure type level measurement method based on liquid column on the principle of the static pressure is proportional to the height of liquid column, by measured the static pressure of liquid column height to produce liquid level measurement, differential pressure type level gauge, is to use when a change in the level of the container, the static pressure generated by the liquid column also change principle and work accordingly. Static pressure type level gauge is determined by measuring the liquid level height and the static pressure is measured in the liquid level. According to the P = & rho; Gh, and the liquid density & rho; , the acceleration of gravity g is known, and as long as the measured pressure P, can calculate the liquid level h. ( 2] — Used to the pressure of the liquid level measurement instrument is put into type level gauge, namely the level measurement instrument into the liquid level of the medium under test 屮, as the change of liquid level, the diffusion silicon pressure transmitter, pressure detecting element converting static pressure resistance signal is used to detect the liquid level, to this type level gauge can be directly measured medium.
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