Introduction to judge electromagnetic flowmeter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-20
Electromagnetic flowmeter is the basis of the principle of electromagnetic induction, according to the conductive fluid through additional magnetic field induced electromotive force to measure an instrument of conductive fluid flow. Its quality is good or bad about influence enterprise production operation process, so in numerous manufacturer when the choose and buy products, how to judge the quality of the electromagnetic flowmeter? Then listen to the flow sensor manufacturer engineers how to say: choose visual method and the instrument method, with gs8 inspection sensor, signal lines, and the resistance of the coil grounding resistance of the insulation resistance between whether accord with standard of pre adaptation, electromagnetic flowmeter zero point and output current is in line with the adapter standard inverter to meet the precision requirement, specific test method is as follows: ( 1) Measure the resistance of the excitation coil, confirm whether the turn-to-turn short circuit ( Line number '7' and the resistance between the 'eight') 。 Resistance should be between 30 ohms and 170 ohms. If the resistance is in line with the factory records and argues that the coil is good, the electromagnetic flowmeter sensor of the magnetic field strength is not indirect assessment. ( 2) Measure the insulation resistance (the excitation coil to ground Measure the number '1' and '7' or '8') To confirm whether the sensor and wet. Resistance value should be greater than 20 megohm. ( 3) Measuring the contact resistance between the electrodes and the liquid ( Measure the number '1', '2', '1', '3') Indirect assessment electrode and the overall appearance of lining. If the electrodes are attached to the shell surface and the substrate, the outside shell is conductive or isolation; The resistance between them should be between 1000 and 1 megohm, line number '1', '2', '1' and '3' resistance should approximate symmetry. ( 4) When electromagnetic flowmeter is filled with liquid, the liquid does not work, close the valve in the line, check the machine zero point. ( 5) Flow sensor factory engineer said, at last: check the signal lines, and associated line core insulation resistance, check the appearance of shield is complete.
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