Introduces a coal-fired power plant such as differential pressure type orifice flowmeter thermal meter common typical fault

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-24
。 pic { 浮:左; 保证金:10 px; 边界:1 px固体33 # f; } Thermal meter in the coal-fired power plant is a routine production measurement, every power plant used a large number of thermal instrument, such as differential pressure orifice flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter, pressure transmitter, temperature transmitter such as all kinds of measuring instrument, the instrument main bearing temperature, pressure differential pressure measurement, pressure switch, flow measurement, material level measurement, composition analysis, etc. Through these instrument measurement, not only can prevent and correct judgment, to ensure the safe and stable operation of the unit, you can record and calculation of the instrument to the analysis of the unit economy, to improve the operation of the unit and operation mode, improve the efficiency of economic operation of the unit. In the process of measuring instruments and meters, constantly meet the equipment operation fault and problems, as a thermal instrument repairman, familiar with thermal instrument maintenance in the typical fault is particularly important. This paper mainly focuses on the problems in daily work, and how to correct processing method, introduce a brief to you. Thermal meter measurement is widely used in thermal power plant, baotou second thermal power plant has two units of 200 mw and 300 mw thermal power unit. Main have thermal measuring instrument used in the thermocouple temperature measurement, thermal resistance temperature measurement, pressure switch, pressure transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, differential pressure switch, etc. Through measuring instrument, the unit can accurately reflect the operating condition of parameters, not only can prevent and correct judgment, guarantee continuous safe operation of the unit, you can record and calculation of the instrument to the analysis of the unit economy, to improve the operation of the unit and operation mode, improve the efficiency of economic operation of the unit. With the development of science and technology, the increasingly tend to be highly automated, coal-fired power plants in our factory four units adopt DCS distributed control system. In order to improve the reliability and safety of equipment, you have to do all kinds of instrument of inspection and maintenance. So for thermal maintenance staff engaged in coal-fired power plants, not only to skillfully grasp of the unit operation skills, understand the structure of the commonly used instrument principle, also request to the proper use and maintenance. Power plant thermal instrument use and maintenance is not correct misoperation trip is likely to cause the main equipment, influence the safe and stable operation of the unit. Respectively under the pressure measuring instrument, temperature measuring meter, flow meter and other thermal meter in the measurement of the typical fault is analyzed and solutions are put forward. A typical failure analysis of pressure, pressure measuring instrument measuring instrument of typical fault and the reasons are mainly the following aspects: ( 1) Due to the error due to environment temperature change. The design of the in situ pressure gauge using the environment temperature in - 40 - 60 ℃, when using the environment does not meet the requirements will change of spring tube material mechanics performance, unable to properly display the pressure measured medium, such as large thermal power unit's boiler roof cover, the steam turbine ontology lower high populated place such as the temperature of the steam extraction pipeline, for accurate measurement, generally need to meter led to the environment temperature is suitable position. ( 2) Due to the measuring error caused by the installation position. Design of medium pressure source points position generally according to the need of the production process, as a result of the meter installation environment, feel pressure components and centralized layout to the height of the source point, the liquid column in pipeline differential form additional error, especially in low pressure systems, such as steam turbine lubricating oil system, by taking the source point design far end bearing, oil pressure at 0. About 6 mpa, centralized layout under the operation layer near the tank in the transmitter, generally 2 m - 200 mw unit Oil column height 3 m or so, it is easy to cause measurement error. In order to ensure the unit safe, general oil system, vacuum system, such as water pressure system used to decorate a pressure point in the same level. ( 3) The error due to pressure pipe construction undesirable. Pressure measuring installation guide pressure tube passing response lag, not accurate reaction pressure change, should be as short pipeline during construction to speed up the response speed, the signal line should have a certain slope, to facilitate drainage and deflated when putting-in-service proactively. ( 4) Not regularly check and range setting is not correct and wrong wiring. Bourdon tube pressure gauge variation, such as jumping rotational failure is due to use for a long time did not conduct regular check; Adopt DCS control system of power plant, pressure transmitter first putting-in-service proactively show numerical deviation is big, mostly because the transmitter range and DCS within the range set caused by inconsistent, check whether the range of both consistent commonly can solve; Transmitter has been correctly putting-in-service proactively, DCS display bad point is usually due to DCS internal jump line was not set up correctly, causing no 24 v power supply. For example, my factory is XDPS system of 200 mw, need to check the terminal board of jump line; 300 mw unit to check AI card a jumper wire. Pressure measuring instrument mainly bourdon tube pressure gauges, capacitance pressure ( Differential pressure) Transmitter, pressure switch, pressure gauge is mainly used for in situ instructions, standardization of remote transmission and signal transmitter main pressure, pressure switch is mainly used for medium pressure transfinite alarm and interlock protection. Due to the unreasonable installation, maintenance and calibration method is not correct all can cause error value, so that cause regulating protection system cannot work properly, fault alarm, etc. Important meter such as main steam pressure, steam drum pressure, overheating, etc should be check regularly, the rest of the pressure measuring equipment generally an overhaul cycle for a complete overhaul.
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