Intelligent vortex precession flowmeter should do sufficient preparation work before formally put into production

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-15
Precession vortex flowmeter has been in the petroleum, chemical industry, electric power, metallurgy, urban gas supply and other industries has been widely used in measuring various gas flow rate, is the oil and natural gas distribution measurement and trade * * products, because in the general case of compressed gas and steam using vortex flowmeter is better, more accurate measurement, here unspecified said. Precession vortex flowmeter is good at measuring medium is similar to like that kind of pure gas, natural gas and gas velocity slower generally use vortex precession flowmeter can ensure the accuracy of measurement. In enterprise vortex precession flowmeter is chosen as the measuring instrument, we'll be next instrument production make full preparations, in order to be able to get the results we have an accurate measurement in the future, have a series of problems we need to pay attention to details, and according to the specification in the construction operation, specific requirements are as follows, first, attaches great importance to the instrument selection. In the already selected instrument types ( For example, the intelligent precession vortex gas meter) , followed by the selection of instrument specifications and its supporting element is crucial. In a word, choose the right to use well. Therefore, in the process of selection should grasp two basic principles; Namely: to ensure the use of precision, to ensure production safety. To do this, we must to carry out the selection of the three parameters, namely, immediate and long-term of the instantaneous flow (large, small and commonly used Mainly used for the size of the selected instrument specifications) , and the design of the measured medium pressure ( It is mainly used for the selected instrument nominal pressure level) Work pressure, ( Mainly used for the selected instrument of pressure sensor pressure level) 。 Second, carries on the calibration before use. On the one hand, given the current on-site verification for this kind of instrument in such and such difficulties. In addition, if the intent of the purchase is ready to apply the this kind of instrument to the more important measurement occasions, such as heavy traffic trade dispute of measurement or prominent measurement point, and use the site also does not have the flow online calibration conditions, so in this case, with only when buying a paper factory qualified certification provided by the manufacturer easily determine the table all qualified performance, it is too early. Therefore, in order to ensure the working process of the instrument in the future in its measuring result is reliable and accurate, it is necessary before the formal installation to be taken to have the detection capability and qualification of the department for a full flow within the scope of the system verification. Third, do a good job in installation process. Although this kind of flow meter to process installation and use of the special requirements of environment is not too much, but any kind of flow measurement instrument has such a common, as far as possible to avoid vibration and high temperature environment as flow interference elements ( Such as compressor, separator, pressure regulating valve, reducer and pipe, elbow, etc. ) And keep straight pipe before and after the meter wall smooth and flat, ensure clean measured medium of single-phase fluid, etc. Specific requirements include the following items: ( 1) Ensure the length of the straight pipe upstream or downstream flow vortex precession flowmeter is required on the manual of the length of the straight pipe upstream & ge; 5 d, the length of the downstream straight pipe & ge; 1 d, which is the basic requirement, stability and the pulsating fluid is the basic condition. In our field, in use process is under the condition of construction site allows, the farther the straight pipe upstream or downstream, abnormal vortex flow the less interference. ( 2) Install filters when collection flowmeter in branch pipes and pipe is close, or fluid contains larger particles or long fibers sundry, must be installed filters, otherwise, these dirty things possible damages to the flowmeter: larger particles flowing through, it might damage the sensor probe; Impurities or dirt accumulate over a long period, can jam spiral body, cannot produce normal spiral flow; Carries some corrosive material in the fluid corrosion flowmeter; Fluid vortex crashed the larger particles will happen in the body, may even mobile spiral body position. ( 3) The requirement of pressure regulating valve installed in the condition of fluid flow meters, we already know not steady fluid will affect the measurement accuracy of flowmeter, moreover, too much pressure is likely to be a bad sensor probe, or exceed the flowmeter can withstand the pressure, generate burst. So, need to install pressure regulating valve upstream of the flow meter. ( 4) Flowmeter the farther the distance between the more fortunately, the flowmeter installation site, often appear the phenomenon of a few meter installed side by side, according to field experience, Suggestions from as far as possible namely between flowmeter, avoid fluid through mechanical vibration interference each other between them; Avoid interference may produce magnetic field between them; Facilitate the meter reading, there are enough space to observe various display data; Facilitate the flow meter table box installation. Fourth, strengthen the management of late. Although this kind of instrument with multiple automatic disposal function and the characteristics of micro power consumption, but still need to strengthen the management after put into operation. For example, in order to ensure the accuracy of the long-term work flow, reliability, To avoid unexpected shutdown and loss of data) , it should be on a regular basis system calibration ( Every 1 ~ 2 years) , transcribing header data ( Daily or weekly) , replacement medium parameters ( Monthly or quarterly) And don't regularly check the battery status, check the instrument coefficient and seal, etc. Fifth, pay attention to the internal maintenance. If due to temperament dirt or other need for instrument measuring cavity and its components in regular inspection or cleaning, so one thing you must pay special attention to: for the same specifications of the vortex precession flowmeter, the vortex occurred, the diversion and other core components are not interchangeable, otherwise, must be to calibrate the instrument measurement coefficient and the matching of the temperature and pressure sensor calibration system. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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