Insulation type magnetic level gauge turning the product type and the corresponding way to work

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-22
Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is a widely used in industrial production of liquid level measuring instrument, has been widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical and other industries. Magnetic level gauge is turning work according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling mechanism. In measuring liquid level fluctuation of the container at the same time, the float liquid level gauge led tube also will take part in the elevator, float interior permanent magnet steel by magnetic coupling transmission to the scene indicator, to drive the red and white double column with 180 & deg; Make flip in liquid level rises, double column from white to red, when the liquid level drops from red to white, double column position indicator is red, white border is expressed as containers within the medium level of actual height, to achieve the correct container liquid level instructions. In actual production, often have such a problem, due to the warm south, a industrial liquid medium at this outdoor generally will not freeze, but in the north of China, especially dielectric in north China and northeast China, because of the influence of the monsoon in the north, temperatures are below freezing in winter, it put forward higher requirements of measurement for liquid, insulation type magnetic level gauge is turning according to the requirements. Thanks to the fall in outdoor tanks will because winter temperatures freezes part of vats of liquid, the principle of magnetic liquid level gauge by turning connectors, once tested inside the tank of liquid icing, cause the liquid to flow, so the magnetic flap liquid level measurement of liquid level meter will not be able to undertake, so we need to the magnetic flap liquid level gauge for thermal insulation of pipeline operation. Insulation type magnetic flap liquid level gauge is suitable for the liquid level of the liquid in the container, the position of the measurement, in addition to the instructions, but also with remote transmitter, alarm, Control) Switch, indicating the function is all ready. Instructions is novel, intuitive reading and striking, observe indicator according to user needs to change in the direction of the point of view. Wide measuring range, without being limited by the reservoir height, indicating device and is completely isolated measured medium, good sealing, high reliability, the use of safe. Simple structure, convenient installation, low maintenance cost. Insulation type magnetic level gauge is turning in the body of the installation of a heat preservation jacket and a ventilation with steam heat agent, etc. Can maintain the normal flow of the liquid in the body. Therefore applicable to the easy to solidification of liquid level measurement and control. For low boiling point liquid can pass into the cold water, cold media agent such as to ensure the stability of the liquid level. Make the instrument correctly indicates the measured liquid level. Generally we often use the methods are divided into two kinds, one is electric heating/electric thermal insulation, another is a vacuum jacketed insulation, electric heating/electric heating is through the coil in the magnetic level gauge head turning on the resistance wire heating pipe to make the pipe of liquid above freezing, ensure the liquid in the tank will not because temperature is too low and freezing, vacuum jacketed heat preservation principle, and we are of the same household heat preservation principle of the vacuum flask, main external vacuum to eliminate heat transfer and convection, so can reduce the outdoor temperature at night when certain heat preservation effect, the purpose of heat preservation is to prevent being detection of temperature in the tank is too low, make the detection of liquid ice and freezing. In order to ensure that the vacuum jacketed vacuum state, we need to vacuum vacuum jacketed regularly detection, when the vacuum jacketed magnetic level gauge turning over a period of time, after the use of vacuum value rise means, vacuum jacketed need new extraction vacuum, this time we are in a vacuum jacketed valve is installed in a vacuum pump, vacuum pump of vacuum jacketed for vacuum operation, to ensure that the vacuum jacketed seal degree. To ensure that the tested liquid will not freeze because temperature is too low. To ensure the accuracy of the liquid level monitoring. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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