Instrument faults? 5 test ideas to help you out of work

by:KAIDI     2021-02-01
Field instrument maintenance and troubleshooting, all instrument may be everyone's pain points in common. With the development of technology, the instrument is more and more fine, the price is higher and higher, the customer is becoming more and more high to the requirement of service, this in fault judgment of instrument maintenance personnel requirements are put forward. Today, instrument and meter plant is to teach people how to judge the fault and maintenance process, together and see it! Instrument malfunction analysis thinking field instrument measuring four parameters: temperature, pressure, flow, liquid level according to the different measurement parameters to judge the fault of field instruments, combined with field instrument system and process operating system two aspects of comprehensive consideration, a careful analysis, check the cause. 1 temperature detection fault judgment fault phenomenon: temperature indication is not normal, high or low, or change slowly don't even change, etc. Thermal resistance, for example, eliminate wiring problems, can judgment and inspection according to the following ideas. 2 pressure test failure judgment failure phenomenon: a pump discharge instructions is not normal, high or low, or instruction is zero or not changes. First should understand is measured medium, to judge the surrounding environment, rule out the problem of selection error, fault judging ideas are as follows: 3 flow detection fault judgment fault phenomenon: flow indicator is not normal, high or low, or instruction is zero, indicating swings. Orifice meter, for example, after to operating personnel to understand the situation, troubleshooting ideas are as follows: 4 level detection fault judgment fault phenomenon: level indicator will not change, high or low, or no instructions. Double flange level transmitter, for example, troubleshooting ideas are as follows: the end of the four measuring parameters troubleshooting ideas, finally, a control system fault handling. Judge fault phenomenon: 5 control system to detect faults control system is not stable, the input signal fluctuation. In simple flow control system, for example, the control system consists of double flange level transmitter, single loop controller and pneumatic diaphragm regulating valves with electric valve positioner. This is important to fault analysis idea is as follows: technical articles by kaidi instrument equipment factory to provide the reference.
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