Input type level gauge and PLC system to control the surface drainage system case is introduced

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-19
The ground both for urban rainwater drainage system was used in the production of the factory ground rainwater collection, plays an important role. For the pollution of water resources is growing today, rain sewage diversion is an important measure. The investment type level gauge, presented in this paper combined with PLC system equipment, is used to collect the factory ground water circulation system of rainwater into rivers and sea side by side. Factory original the drainage control system used for electric junction point level gauge, due to the influence of environmental humidity and fouling, the performance is not stable, and the installation position is low, not easy to maintain, after localization transformation, in fact - YJ500 series of static pressure type into type level gauge and intelligent secondary display table to replace the electric junction point level gauge, obtain good effect, but after the design of the system still exist deficiencies, usually input type level gauge and can know the second table, increase in the volume alarm and switch signal can achieve automatic open and close, but not to realize the remote control. In order to increase the reliability and security of the system is running, and realize the remote control, achieve the goal of automatic opening and closing, the company decided to application of S7 - 200 series PLC and control of surface drainage system is reformed, pa66, successfully solved the problems existing in the system, improve the reliability of the system. 1 a, for the first time after transforming control system profile. 1 system function control system is mainly used for surface drainage two axial flow pump start-stop, drain water out of the surface water collecting pit. Pit by measuring the liquid level control system, when the liquid level height reached * inception pump set point, start 1 drainage drainage pumps, when the liquid level height reach 2 kai pump set data, start another 1 drainage drainage pumps, when the liquid level to stop pump liquid level, drainage pumps stop running. 1. Localization of the system structure is shown in figure 1, 2 after modification, the ground pit drainage control system input type level gauge was used to measure liquid level, with intelligent secondary instrument receives the input signal type level gauge, and according to the liquid level alarm value set to the electrical control part signal start-up and shut down the row of water pump, the control system is configured with two input type level gauge, through a switch, you can choose the level gauge put into use, also can compare the two level gauge measurement data, through regular inspection found fault level measurement. Second, the problems of the system in 2006, put into use for the input type level gauge is damaged, the output level measurement value remains the same, and higher than the * inception pump set value, caused the anhydrous idling drainage pump, bearing lose lubrication cooling water burn, afterwards, studied the control system and analysis, found the first time after transforming system exist the following problems: 1) Not considering the level damage protection drainage pumps running. 2) Equipped with two input type level gauge, but restricted by the function of the intelligent secondary instrument, put only one level gauge as the basis of logic. 3) No level fault diagnosis and alarm function. 4) According to the operation experience, in the process of switching level gauge, due to the current shock prone to the level of damage. 3 system in order to solve the problems existing in the system, application of S7 - 200 series PLC of system transformation, again after transforming system structure as shown in figure 2, select the CPU224, EM235 analog input/output module, the CPU TD200 display unit, and set the liquid level meter fault alarm lamp. CPU224 programming software STEP7 - can be used Micro/WIN 32 for logic programming, at the same time introduce two input signal type level gauge, the implementation of complex control functions, the main logic functions are as follows: ( 1) Through the two level gauge measured value compared to realize the function of the level diagnosis and alarm, when two level gauge the difference * * more than the set value, alarm, light lamp, facilitate inspection staff gauge measurement fault in time. ( 2) When there is level gauge measuring failure, protect the pump stop command. ( 3) Takes two level gauge measuring the value of the mean as a liquid level measurement values involved in kai pump and stop the pump logic judgment, to improve the measurement accuracy and reliability. ( 4) By TD200 can also show the measured value and the level difference between the two level gauge, do not need hard switching, avoid the current shock leads to damage of liquid level meter. Start stop pump control and alarm of ladder diagram logic as shown in figure 3:4 conclusion by S7 - 200 series PLC in the application of surface drainage control system transformation, improve the ability of handling the system logic, get rid of the limit the function of intelligent instrument, to realize the function of fault diagnosis of level measurement and alarm, solve the single level gauge failure of drainage pumps can't shut down the problem, improve the reliability of the system, the design of similar system and has certain reference significance.
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