Industrial combustible gas detection instruments management rules

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-25
Gas industry according to its chemical properties are different, can be divided into four categories: (1) the toxic gas, with strong toxicity, invading the body can lead to poisoning or even death. Such as chlorine, ammonia, etc. Flammable gas, is easy to burn and chemical explosion hazard, and have certain toxicity. Such as hydrogen gas, acetylene, etc. (3) the fuel gas, combustion ability, but itself does not burn, enlarge the risk of fire, such as oxygen, etc. (4) non-flammable gas, the people have a suffocating, stable nature, not burning, such as nitrogen, carbon dioxide and argon. For the use of industrial gases, the industry has a very strict standard, according to the different physical and chemical properties of the gas, this article is to introduce about general general requirements of combustible gas in the process of using this requirement for low standards, users according to the working conditions for the specification requirement of this enterprise as han myung woo, an 'added more detailed and rich. Industrial combustible gas detector in the rules and regulations of management objective: in order to standardize company combustible gas detection in the process of production and maintenance work, ensure the operation safety, these rules. Its main scope of application: used throughout the company, inflammable and explosive places within the limited space for detecting gas content. A, industrial combustible gas detection instrumentation: 1, the stationary ( Or mobile) Detection device, instrument manufacturers have corresponding qualifications ( Including measuring instruments, explosion-proof equipment production license etc. ) 。 2, unit ( Instruments such as gas turbine flowmeter, etc) High sensitivity, affected by temperature, humidity, less interference from other gases. 3, by the state or local quality and technical supervision department inspection. , * 4 times before use according to the manual or relevant technical data rules, check whether the instrument is normal, the normal work of the TBC, before starting test work. 5, after the test, check the correctness of the instrument, again proved that the instrument at all stages of testing at a normal state. Two testers, industrial combustible gas detector in the rules and regulations of management: * first inspection personnel should receive * * training and obtained the corresponding qualification. While a second double duty, one test, one care. Again, when testing, testing personnel p with fire, wear labor protection articles. Three, the rules and regulations of industrial management of combustible gas detector test procedure: 1, the limited space, flammable and explosive area of relevant pipeline, valve closed, keep natural ventilation, if the result is bad, mechanical ventilation, and keep a minimum of 2 hours. 2, homework, head of the field in the implementation of 5. After the stipulated in article 1, apply to the safe production management personnel, arranged by production personnel. 3, testing personnel, after receiving task for control of gas hazard characteristics, structure, testing equipment, and facilities by such as gas turbine flow meter were used in the measuring instrument is more related to knowledgeable, * * do not enter when don't know the situation. 4, confirm the testing point, requirements, in, on, or before, during and after a total of three points, each point in several big value for that point. Four, industrial combustible gas detector in the rules and regulations of management of test report issued by the 1, after each test, testing personnel should issue a test report. Fill in the testing data accurately. 2 have the inspectors to sign on, test report, otherwise is invalid. Five, the industrial rules and regulations of combustible gas detector management maintenance: test report only prove testing equipment ( Facilities) The current time is in safe condition, cannot guarantee detection after long time constant, therefore, to consider whether the test next time and the time period. Embellish of instrument science and technology to alert users to note: equipment and facilities such as in the maintenance state, after testing qualified, still adopt natural ( Or mechanical) Ventilation measures. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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