In the magnetic flap for liquid level failure situation analysis and resolution strategy

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-06
Magnetic flap level gauge is one of industrial production often used to measure the liquid level meter, its advantages are obvious, the measured liquid and the instruction layout is completely cut off, good sealing performance, leakage prevention, habits level measurement under the condition of high pressure, high temperature, corrosion, high reliability, low cost, direct display, easy installation, applicability is wide and flexible to adapt to the size, installation forms, suitable to all media, interface measurement of liquid level, etc. But because of the use environment and the way difference, magnetic level gauge with turning occasionally appear different phenomena in the process of failure, normal production is impossible or pose a threat to safety production. This article mainly through to the magnetic flap is presented in the nature of the liquid level meter, and the phenomena encountered in the process of field application of failure analysis. Can help users effectively circumvent the measurement in the process of magnetic level gauge with turning failure, and in case of failure to analyze and solve quickly. Magnetic level gauge is to use the principle of communicating vessels, turning buoyancy principle and the principle of magnetic coupling clever combination is used to display or testing device for liquid level height change. * through connectors first principle makes the internal liquid level height of tank and magnetic flap body internal highly consistent, and then through the buoyancy principle to ensure that the floating ball in the magnets position and liquid surface level, through the principle of magnetic coupling driving panel double column after rotation, the color changes in order to indicate that the inside of tank liquid level height. In order to enlarge the using range of magnetic level gauge turning and convenient production testing, adding additional device can also be in accordance with the relevant standards, to output a number of different signals. And in 4 ~ 20 m A current output for common signals. On site testing of liquid level and at the same time can also be current signal to the control room or alarm device, implementation of remote and automatic monitoring liquid level. With the unceasing change of market demand, the magnetic flap level gauge has been updated. At present most of the manufacturers of magnetic flap liquid level meter can be widely used in oil processing, municipal, water treatment, chemical, pharmaceutical, food processing, liquid level monitoring in the field of electric power, papermaking, metallurgy and so on. For part of the working condition of high temperature, corrosion can also be used. But some magnetic flap the level due to the unreasonable design or installation using improper operation caused by the magnetic level gauge can't normal use, turning even dangerous to production safety. So how to avoid such incidents happening again becomes a safe production of * to big things. 1 failure environment due to the use of magnetic liquid level gauge is mainly use the turning buoyancy and magnetic coupling indicates a process to complete. When the liquid level rises, float ball under the effect of buoyancy movement from down to up, double column by floating ball turned the role of magnetic induction strength in 180 & deg; On the red and white, color is changed from white to red, panel double column boundary location is the tanks in the practical liquid level height ( As shown in figure 1) , when the liquid level drops down on the float by movement, drive the double column, the color changed from red to white. So if there's a strong magnetic interference field use environment, may lead to double column to flip, affect the real liquid level display. Other magnetic flap led tube shall not be used in the installation process or wire itself with the fixed magnetic materials, avoid float to float when affected by wire or the magnetic materials. 2 magnetic flap failure caused by wrong installation location must be vertical to the ground. Location of the floating ball are mainly affected by the buoyancy and the impact of its own gravity, so if the magnetic flap the overall installation tilt, will cause friction between floating ball and tube wall increase, affect the normal floating floating ball. In addition, magnetic level gauge turning during the installation process because of its overall weight is bigger, the side force large drainage tube, which is connected with tanks, so in large range, For more than 3 m) commonly When auxiliary support device must be installed in the middle, in order to reduce the drainage pipe stress. Because some parts exist in the measured liquid metal impurities, use for a long time makes the sediment in the main tube or at the bottom of the adsorption in the floating ball surface, need to clean up inside on a regular basis. When clearing will be connected to the first on the drainage tube valves are closed, open the drain valve to drain again, necessary to clean up when also can remove the bottom flange. Cleaning should be installed in accordance with the original way, after one side of the float weight up, flange bolt tightening. 3 magnetic flap resulted from the temperature and pressure gauge normal use temperature and pressure should be in the range of design parameters allows. Magnetic level gauge used in condition of turning often because of pressure or temperature changes result in deformation of floating ball, magnetic weakening or leak reason to cause failure. Most of the operating mode in use process they can maintain temperature and pressure in a certain range, the range is magnetic flap level gauge design parameters. In some special conditions may be present in the instantaneous temperature or pressure exceeds the design temperature or pressure of the floating ball, lead to magnetic induction intensity weakening or float compression deformation. When floating ball is overload pressure, the irreversible deformation volume change, by the buoyancy of the changes in the liquid, but the quality itself does not change. G = m· g,F=ρ · v· G: g for floating ball gravity, m for floating ball quality, F for floating ball buoyancy, & rho; For liquid density, v for floating ball displaces the liquid volume, g is the gravitational acceleration. In normal use, the floating ball by gravity must be equal to buoyancy in the water, when compression deformation volume v cause by the buoyancy of decrease, floating ball will sink. When float all submerged in the water, it is the buoyancy is big also, at this time if G = F, the actual liquid level will be higher than display liquid level; If G> F, float the club continue to sink under the gravity, until the bottom of the buoy.
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