In the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter repairs must master some requirements

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-10
Everyone knows the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter is a kind of high precision parts and components of tiny, and distribution is very dense, high technical content of products, operating personnel in routine instrument maintenance work needs to have certain * * product knowledge, able to do it in the actual maintenance operations in an orderly way, with ease. To avoid some low-level mistakes, avoid some unnecessary accidents and loss. Is a * * is engaged in the intelligent electromagnetic flow meter production enterprises, the company's technology department colleagues summarized a lot of experience in practice, so in this case, embellish of the engineers specially compiled some practical skills of science and technology, to help you solve the problems encountered in the operation. Intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter maintenance work, learn the common sense is the basic principle of the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, at the same time to master relevant knowledge and skills in the electronic, before the specific maintenance work, should be ready for the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter relevant product specifications, drawings and other technical data, also should form a cautious, careful work quality, so as to improve efficiency in the instrument maintenance, reduce mistakes. 1, remove and adjust instrument, it shall record the original position, in order to recover. 2 don't blindly, maintenance on touch, lest expanding fault, the repair the bad. 3, using logical pen, oscilloscope signal detection, to pay attention to not make the probe contact two measuring pins at the same time, because the essence of this kind of circumstance is in electrical form under the condition of short circuit. 4, when using a multimeter ohm file, remember don't charged measurement. 5, testing the power of the filter capacitor, electrolytic capacitor is negative short circuit, first and do not use pens and line instead of a conductor when short circuit of capacitor discharge, because it is easy to burn out the core. Can take a lamp holder leads 220 v, 60 ~ 100 w lamp, connect to the ends of the capacitor, the discharge lamp will flash moment. 6 the circuit inside the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, overhaul, if installing component connection and circuit boards with insulating varnish, all point measurement parameters available welding on the multimeter pens and ordinary sewing needle, universal testing machine to puncture the lacquer layer directly measure each point, instead of a large area of stripping paint layer. 7, troubleshooting instrument faults in a moist environment, the multimeter for printing lines point whether tested according to the flow is necessary, because this kind of circumstance is the main failure of copper foil corrosion. 8, repairs and precision instruments, such as accidentally will play fly, small parts should be * judgment may alight first place, do not look for east, west look, can take the magnet scanning and the line of sight scanning method. 9, various control panel don't charged plug and plug. Because in electric case, plug panel will produce strong induction electromotive force, then instantly counterattack voltage is very high, the corresponding control panel and the plug is easy to damage. To sum up, for our maintenance work in the intelligent electromagnetic flowmeter, we * first to grasp the basic principle of instrument maintenance, and related information, should be prepared at the same time, we must follow the code of conduct of maintenance work should and processes, to constantly improve the level of their own operations. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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