Exactly what is the difference between differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter and classification

by:KAIDI     2021-02-14
Differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter looks are transmitter, most have not knowledgeable thought is common to both, actually this kind of view is wrong, the most widely used in the transmitter, the transmitter can be divided into pressure and differential pressure transmitter. Transducer is used to measure pressure, differential pressure, liquid level, vacuum, flow, etc, in order to seek a understand, rui ling instrument analytical differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter for you have classified how what is the difference between them. One, the differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter how difference between 1, signal output form different output form has the output current and voltage output, in the majority with current output, there are two wire system three wire system, four wire system, in the majority with two wire system, and intelligent than intelligent, in the majority with non intelligence. 2, different sensor and sensor has diffused silicon sensors and capacitive sensor, monocrystalline silicon sensor, and the majority with diffusion silicon. Additional points, according to application occasion and the explosion-proof, explosion-proof, explosion-proof. 3, test way different differential pressure transmitter and pressure transmitter is the single tell from the word they difference pressure and two pressure difference, but they is a lot of indirect measurement of parameters, such as pressure transmitter, in addition to measuring pressure, it can also measure equipment within the liquid. 4, displayed different differential pressure transmitter is in view of the gas or liquid pressure unit is PASCAL; Pressure transmitter is refers to the gas liquid pressure but also in view of the pressure is also called the weighing sensor, the unit is Newton or kg ( Force) , or tons. Measuring the differential pressure transmitter is the pressure difference between the two gas or liquid is a relative quantity; Pressure transducer measurement of the size of the single gas or liquid pressure, is an absolute. From the point of use, the pressure difference of two input pipe, respectively, used to introduce two sample under test in order to get their differential pressure; There is only one nozzle pressure. Second, the classification technique 1, when liquid level measuring pressure container, differential pressure transmitter, a measuring both lower limit, launched a, their output type can be subtract. Within the container liquid level and pressure values of cases, it can also be used to measure medium density. 2, from the structure of the pressure and differential pressure transmitter manufacturing points have regular and isolation. Diaphragm is a medium-sized measurement, it is directly feel the medium pressure and differential pressure, isolation of measuring diaphragm receives is a stable liquid such as silicone oil pressure, and the liquid is sealed between two diaphragm accepted by measuring the pressure of diaphragm to outer diaphragm. 3, isolation type transducer is mainly aimed at the special measurement medium, such as measuring medium after leaving the equipment can produce crystallization, and the use of ordinary medium can be removed in the transmitter, pressure will guide tube and bellows room blockage leads to not work properly, so you have to choose isolation. Isolation usually make flange, namely the openings on the measured medium of flange transmitter is installed it induction part of the diaphragm wall is in the device, so that he will not take out medium, general won't cause crystallization jam. 4, when the higher temperature measured medium, can choose the diaphragm convex structure, which can put the sensing diaphragm device, thereby sensing medium temperature does not reduce, this measure also has the security, choose insert flange transmitter 5, isolation transmitter have far eastone and a body shape. Far eastone is bellows and measured by strengthen capillary link between bellows, on the device, a box, the outer membrane lining box and the transmitter can be installed on the support of easy to maintain, another is bellows and transmitter is mounted in the equipment to the walls.
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