Embellish instrument science and technology in radar level gauge is analysed technology principle and advantages of features

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-04
Radar by using linear frequency modulation continuous wave ranging principle is: the launch of the microwave antenna is a wave linear frequency modulation continuous wave, when the echo is the antenna, the antenna transmitting frequency has changed. According to echo the frequency difference between the transmitted wave and can calculate the distance on the surface of the material. Leap in science and technology of radar level gauge parts mainly constitutes by the radar detector ( A table) And radar display ( Secondary table) Composition. Radar detector is mainly composed of the main body, antenna, connecting flange three parts. Radar level gauge type of antenna can be divided into directly connected to the waveguide and horn in two ways. Radar display, provide RS - connected computer 485 interface, can pass level and other parameters and alarm signal, through the computer to control the intelligent radar display. Embellish of instrument science and technology in the production of the series of radar level gauge adopts non-contact measuring method. Due to not touch work measurement method are incomparable advantages, other measuring methods is enjoyed by many users, now non-contact measurement methods have become the main method to measure the material level, because in the chemical, petrochemical, and other areas of the process industry, with widespread measured medium temperature, high pressure, corrosion, volatilization, condensation, complex working conditions, such and have explosion-proof request for measuring instrument. At present more mature non-contact measurement technology with ultrasonic, nuclear radiation and microwave. Compared with ultrasonic wave, microwave transmission characteristics determine the advantage of the use of radar level gauge: 1) Transmission characteristics. 2) The optical properties. 3) Directional transmission. 4) Medium is proportional to the dielectric constant of microwave absorption and dielectric. Is determined by its own characteristics, radar level meter in use has the following advantages: 1) Installation is simple: applications in various fields, and radar level meter can be installed directly to the top of the tank, the installation is very simple. 2) Wide applicable scope: non-contact measurement, directional well, the transmission loss is small, measurable medium. 3) Easy maintenance, simple operation, radar level gauge has a fault alarm and self-diagnosis function. 4) Continuous accurate measurement: because of radar level gauge is not in contact with the measured medium, and affected by temperature, pressure, gas, etc is very small, so for the liquid level measurement data can be very precise.
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