Electromagnetic flowmeter to produce output signals during shaking inspection flow chart and countermeasures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-15
Fourth output to shake and take measures, the cause of the problem in the output shaking in the cause of the problem can be summarized as five aspects, they are: ( 1) Flow itself is fluctuations or pulse, electromagnetic flowmeter in essence is not fault, only reflect flow; ( 2) At the end of the pipe full of liquid or liquid containing bubbles; ( 3) The stray current such as electricity, magnetic interference; ( 4) Fluid physical properties ( Such as liquid conductivity uneven or contains a variable particle/fiber slurry, etc. ) The reason; ( 5) Electrode materials and liquid matching. 2, check the program figure 4 electromagnetic flowmeter output to shake process three, fault inspection and take measures to this section discuss respectively the above five aspects of the cause of the problem of checking methods and measures. 1, the fluctuation of flow itself ( Or pulse) Check the flow chart of item 1. If the flow itself, instrument output shaking is truthfully reflect the fluctuation. Inspection method can be used in the field to the operation and process technology personnel ask or tour ever wave source. Piping flow fluctuation ( Or pulse) The cause of the usually has three aspects: ( 1) Electromagnetic flowmeter flow upstream of the power source adopts the reciprocating pump diaphragm pump (or Often used for fine chemical industry, food, medicine and feed water purification filling liquid medicine) The pump pulse frequency are usually between several times to hundreds times per minute. ( 2) Instrument downstream of the control valve flow characteristics and choose wrong size, resulting in a hunting vibration ( 狩猎) Observe control valve stem, this is for oscillating movement; ( 3) Other disturbance source that flow fluctuation, such as: electromagnetic flowmeter upstream ever choked flow in pipelines ( Such as full open butterfly valve) Produce spiral ( Happen like spiral vortex flowmeter as body vortex street, sensor inlet side gasket and circulation channel, article gasket sheet debris suspended in the liquid flow oscillation, etc. ) 。 In line with pulsating flow source, to reduce their impact on the flow meter, usually take the flow sensor from pulse source, using pipe flow attenuation pulsating flow resistance; Or in the proper position of the pipeline mount called passive filter chamber buffer, absorbing pulsation. 2, pipe is not full of bubbles in the liquid to liquid or 2, check the flow chart of this kind of failure is mainly network bad design of the sensor measurement tube not filled with liquid or sensor caused by improper installation. Measures should be taken to avoid the installation as shown in figure 3 a, e and pipe emissions to the dotted line b location, converted to the c, d. Sensor downstream back pressure or back pressure is insufficient, such as position in e, fluid flowing through a short section downstream of the exhaust air, 2 if the valve fully open, the sensor tube may not filled with liquid. Sometimes the process flow is bigger can run full of the instrument is normal, traffic tailed could liquid discontent and make the instrument. The gas in the liquid in the liquid formation of alveolar gas is inhaled from the outside world and dissolved gas in the liquid ( Air) Two ways into YouLiZhuang bubbles. The small bubbles in the liquid and bubbles is far less than the ball size for the electrode diameter, while reducing some of the liquid volume, but not rocked the electromagnetic flow juice output; Larger bubbles the grazed electrode is able to cover the entire electrode, make traffic signal circuit instantaneous open circuit, the output signal to shake.
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