Electromagnetic flow meter to measure what problem might encounter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-07
Using the electromagnetic flowmeter measurement may encounter what problems? Problems with the time of this product may be even more. For example in the practical measurement, if the inside of the pipe ring contains bubbles, this time will lead to the measured result is not very accurate. The greater the bubble does not lead to the lower accuracy. You should to be measured before measurement, medium to check if it is found that there are bubbles exist, then need to start to eliminate the inside, so as to ensure the accuracy of measurement. Below to introduce could measure the product, and other possible problems. Using electromagnetic flowmeter measurement, may encounter the second problem is the inside of the pipe is measured not in a state of full package. Because if the media is full of inside, can lead to measurement of measured value and actual value produces deviation. Because the flow of the medium there is full of the entire pipeline, then the portion of the electrode measuring instrument is likely to be exposed, this will lead to the actual measured result, not very accurate. Method to avoid this problem is very simple, that is to lower the location of the measuring instrument installation, generally in a liquid medium inside the pipeline, a higher place is prone to medium not be filled. In lower place, generally ring is easy to be filled, so the measuring instruments installed in the lower place, it'll be easier to eliminate the interference caused by the problem of inaccurate measurement results. When using this product is measured, the third question you might encounter is the flow inside the ring is inherently is corrosive, inside put electrodes in these electrodes were corrosive liquid corrosion, come out of the final measurement result is inaccurate. Electromagnetic flowmeter using may encounter some problems in the process of simple introduce to everybody here. This product, if according to the normal situation to use general is no problem, but in the case of abnormal might create some problems. Like as the use of time more and more long, above the measuring electrode can cover a lot of dirt, it also can lead to inaccurate measurements. So this kind of measuring instruments in use after a certain period, to the proper treatment, the surface of the electrode to avoid the results of the measurement is not accurate because of the existence of dirt. Jinhu county cady, huaian, automation instrument equipment factory is the first instrument factory, main production and sales of electromagnetic flowmeter, such as magnetic flap level gauge meter instruments, pressure gauge, liquid level meter, temperature instrument, such as telephone 0517 - 86899897. http://www。 jswkybc。 com/
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