Electromagnetic flow meter in use process analysis of the causes of failure problems and corresponding countermeasures

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-14
Products overview: for use in industrial production growing type of flow measurement instrument, electromagnetic flowmeter measurement results for its it is not affected by the temperature of the measured medium, viscosity and density with conductivity ( In a certain range), The influence of electromagnetic flowmeter only after water calibration, can be directly measured with its other conductivity of liquid flow. Nor is there any obstacles to fluid flow throttling components. So when the fluid flow through timing does not cause any additional pressure loss, is one of the flow meter flow meter running in low energy consumption. Embellish of instrument science and technology as a * * is engaged in the electromagnetic flow meter enterprise, for many years in the electromagnetic flow meter used to summarize the experience with plenty of installation and maintenance, we summarize the common faults of electromagnetic flowmeter, it generally can be divided into two types: there was a fault (installation and debugging Debugging phase failure) There was a fault and normal operation, The run-time failure) 。 Have a plenty of because components damage caused as a result of the instrument itself, have a plenty of due to improper use, improper installation, environmental conditions, fluid characteristics, factors such as fault, such as display volatility, decreased precision instrument even damage, etc. (2). Product failure analysis produced during debugging debugging expect failure generally appear in the instrument installation and debugging stage, once ruled out, under the same conditions later won't appear again. Common failure usually by improper installation, during commissioning period caused environmental interference and fluid characteristics. 1) Installation is usually caused by electromagnetic flow sensor installation position is not correct, common such as sensor installed on the easy accumulation of gas piping high; Or installed on the top-down vertical tube, may appear empty; Or sensors after no back pressure, fluid directly discharged into the atmosphere to form the measuring tube not full package. 2) Generally is the main pipeline stray current interference environment, space is strong electromagnetic interference, large motor magnetic field interference, etc. Pipeline stray current interference usually take good separate grounding protection can obtain satisfactory results, but if powerful stray current ( Such as electrolytic workshop pipeline, sometimes in two electrode induction ac electric potential peak Vpp can be as high as 1 v) , still need to take other measures and flow sensor and the pipe insulation and so on. Generally by the signal cable into space electromagnetic interference, usually adopts single layer or multi-layer shielding protected. 3) Fluid in the uniform distribution of tiny air bubbles in the liquid being measured usually does not affect the normal work of the electromagnetic flowmeter, but with the increase of air bubbles, the volatility meter output signal, if the bubble is big enough to cover the entire electrode surface, as the bubble through the electrodes can make electrode circuit instantaneous trip and make the output signals appear larger fluctuation. Low frequency square wave excitation of electromagnetic flowmeter measurement too solid content in slurry, slurry noise will be generated, the output signal wave. Measurement of mixed media, if before not mixing into the flow sensor measurements, will also make the output signal wave. Electrode materials and improper matching measured medium, will also be due to the chemistry or the polarization phenomenon affects normal measurement. Should be selected according to instrument or relevant manual correct matching electrode materials. 3. Instrument in the analysis of the running period of the run-time failures are electromagnetic flowmeter by the commissioning and normal operation after a period of fault, common run-time failures generally by the flow sensor wall adhesion layer, lightning strike, and the changing environmental conditions and other factors. 1) Sensor inner surface adhesion layer due to the electromagnetic flow meter used to measure the dirt fluid, run after a period of time, often on the inner wall of the sensor failure resulting from the accumulation of adhesion layer. These failures are often caused by adhesion layer conductivity is too big or too small. If attachments for insulating layer, the electrode circuits will be cut-off, instrument can not work normally; If adhesion layer conductivity is significantly higher than fluid conductivity, the electrode will appear short circuit loop, instrument can't work normally. So, should keep clear of the electromagnetic flowmeter measurement tube adherent fouling layer. 2) Lightning strike by lightning easily induced in the instrument line, high voltage and surge current makes the instrument damage. It mainly through the power cord or excitation coil or the flow line between the sensor and converter approaches introduced, particularly from the control room power supply cord into account for the vast majority of. 3) The changing environmental conditions during the debug due to environmental conditions is good ( No interference sources, for example) Working properly, flowmeter, tend to neglect the installation conditions at this time ( Grounding is not so good, for instance) 。 In this case, during the running of once environmental conditions change, the emergence of a new interference sources ( Such as near the flowmeter for welding near the line installed on large transformer, etc. ) , it will interfere with the normal work of the instrument, the output of the meter output signal will fluctuate. 3. Summary of electromagnetic flowmeter in the process of using, may appear all sorts of fault, but in general can put all boil down to two classes, namely debugging phase failure and run-time failure, as long as we in daily work time pay attention to these two types of failures, and to solve well, I believe that electromagnetic flowmeter must be able to play its proper role. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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