Correct understanding of the product design and application of electromagnetic flow meter error in the process of adjustment

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-10
One, this article provides an overview of the rapid advance of science and technology and promote the development of the instrument industry, although the principle of measurement of the electromagnetic flowmeter is simple, the use of electromagnetic induction technology, but the real large-scale electromagnetic flowmeter is applied in production practice or from 50 to 60 s of the 20th century with the development of electronic technology and developed rapidly. Recently, with integrated circuit and digital technology, the rapid development of Internet technology, Internet technology, electromagnetic flowmeter has entered a rapid development follow up period, its products more and more application fields become more and more widely. Electromagnetic flowmeter has the advantage of the liquid has a stronger adaptability, compared with other types of instrument have more adaptability and accuracy, in the modern industrial production, especially the scope of its application is wide, it is almost the * * of measuring the liquid flow meter, such as measuring the coal slurry in coal slurry electromagnetic flowmeter, sewage disposal of sewage electromagnetic flowmeter, tap water and use tap water electromagnetic flowmeter measurement products in a variety of industrial environments to get a number of applications, in this paper, based on the characteristics and working principle of electromagnetic flowmeter, puts forward the flow meter in the measurement of coal slurry flow will produce certain error. We in the electromagnetic flowmeter measurement when it analyzes the main causes of error, to strengthen technical improvement, prompting the electromagnetic flowmeter applied to more areas and industries. Secondly, the significance of the flow measurement flow measurement is a rapid development of technology, in order to meet all walks of life, all kinds of working condition of all kinds of fluid flow measurement needs, instrument research institute, the research and development of principles of the flowmeter, factory every year, a new type of flowmeter is supplied market. The past is difficult to solve the problem of the flow measurement, now some of the solution are obtained. Especially for nearly 30 years, microelectronics technology, computer technology and communication technology into the flow measuring instrument, the flow meter in a leap, the function of the instrument more rich, results in better reliability, measurement accuracy greatly ascend, then 0. Level 1 coriolis force mass flowmeter, the accuracy is better than & plusmn; 0. 3% R appeared such as electromagnetic flowmeter. According to statistics, currently on the market can buy flowmeter has reached more than one hundred types, various types of flowmeter competing with each other, and by their unique advantages to occupy a certain market share. Until today, all the types of applications by people, because they have a comparative advantage in some respects, a rising star in our competition is not perfect, cannot be expected to use a flow meter cover all application fields. 3, about the electromagnetic flowmeter features, working principle and range range ( A) Energy measurement using electromagnetic flowmeter flowmeter tend to have direct contact with the benefit of the enterprise, is the basis for trade settlement, energy of an important means of scientific management, improve the economic benefit. Figure 1 (electromagnetic flowmeter 电磁流量计) Is a kind of measuring tube according to Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction induction of conductive medium volume flow meter, MCU embedded technology, digital excitation, at the same time in the electromagnetic flow meter adopting CAN field bus. It is by direct contact with the pipeline medium is composed of the sensor and the upper signal converters, is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction to work, used to measure the electrical conductivity is greater than 5 & mu; S/cm of conductive liquid flow, at the same time is also a kind of measuring instrument of conductive medium flow. In addition to general conductive liquid flow can be measured, can also be used for measuring strong corrosive such as strong acid, strong alkali liquid and even contain liquid solid two phase suspension liquid, such as mud, pulp, pulp, etc. ( 2) The classification of electromagnetic flowmeter of electromagnetic flowmeter: one-piece, insert type, split type. Efficacy: pipe calibration. Working principle: it is based on Faraday electromagnetic induction principle, again with the sounding pipe axis and the magnetic field lines vertically installed on the wall of a pair of detecting electrodes, when conducting liquid along the measuring tube axis movement, conductive liquid cutting lines of magnetic force induced electric potential.
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