Clip type ultrasonic flowmeter measurement pipeline is allowed to several factors

by:KAIDI     2021-01-29
Because the outer clamp type ultrasonic flowmeter has the incomparable advantages to other flowmeter, the probe can be installed outside the pipe surface, realize do not stop, do not destroy the original pipeline flow measurement. Because it can realize non-contact measuring flow, even within the plug-in or stick type ultrasonic flowmeter, the pressure loss is almost zero, the traffic convenience and the economy is good. In big runoff measurement occasions with reasonable price, easy installation and use of comprehensive competitive advantage. Outside the current manufacturing technology of type ultrasonic flowmeter has been relatively mature, competent for all kinds of oil, gas and water can be all kinds of medium, its application field is very broad, along with the advance of now manufacturing technology and the related electronic technology by leaps and bounds, the sound waves flowmeter development prospect is good, I believe it will become people to measure flow meter in the near future. West source instrument science and technology is engaged in the production of ultrasonic flowmeter for many years, for the clip type ultrasonic flowmeter in the process of installation situations are quite familiar with the company produces the XY - TUB series ultrasonic flowmeter in all parts of the country play a role in the production of medium-sized enterprises. In the practical use, many users due to the use of ultrasonic flowmeter points to master is bad, measuring the effect is not ideal, often have friends can ask ultrasonic flowmeter measurement accuracy? Through the communication with my company's technology, for the installation and use of type ultrasonic flowmeter technology essentials and u know something need to be aware of key factors, eliminating is not allowed for ultrasonic flowmeter measurement problem of misunderstanding. In this paper to customers often asked & other; This flowmeter measurement accurate? ” Such questions to friends do a show, hope for ongoing flowmeter selection or are using ultrasonic flowmeter friends help. Evaluation of a flow meter quality of platform is flow standard device, through years of ultrasonic flowmeter for statistical test conclusion, we found that: the indicators of ultrasonic flowmeter with other speed meter, and its linear especially good when velocity is large enough. So why everyone in the actual use of ultrasonic flowmeter measurement is allowed to when they feel? Through investigating and analyzing, we found that users tend to ignore the following questions in use. A, there is no right for ultrasonic flowmeter for verification or calibration verification or calibration is required before using any flowmeter, a portable ultrasonic flowmeter in this is especially important. As we all know, a portable ultrasonic flowmeter has three sets of probe can choose ( Large, medium and small) , suitable for different pipe diameter range respectively, the collocation of each group of the probe and the host in a sense is a set of independent flowmeter. If only in a small diameter flow standard device with a small probe for the portable ultrasonic flowmeter verification or calibration, so if you use when using big probe measuring pipe flow, means you are using without verification or calibration of flowmeter in flow measurement, the measurement accuracy cannot be guaranteed, because the current technical level cannot guarantee the compatibility of the probe, and the difference between the size of probe is a variable that nots allow to ignore. Should, therefore, the correct method is: in the usage of the users themselves, for reference, in as much as possible the same as the use of pipe size or close to flow standard device for portable ultrasonic flowmeter verification or calibration of some pipes. At least to ensure that the configuration of flowmeter calibration to each group of the probe. Verification or calibration institutions in the verification or calibration certificate will be issued by the diameter and the probe number recorded on the certificate of the purpose is to prevent misunderstandings arise, those who see the portable ultrasonic flowmeter is equal to other fixed diameter flowmeter's understanding is wrong, this is also some users with bad portable ultrasonic flowmeter for one reason. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter verification or calibration instrument correction coefficient is given on the certificate. For various flowmeter principle, manufacture and so on reasons give an instrument coefficient during calibration, just different names and forms. Portable ultrasonic flowmeter is due to equipped with multiple sets of probe, apply different caliber and may have several instrument correction coefficient. When using flow meter test, to ensure the correct use of the instrument correction coefficient, don't forget to use and must be careful not to use, should form an official confirmation within the host before the good habit of setting instrument correction coefficient is correct. Second, the neglect of flowmeter using conditions and using the environment requires any speed meter and the flow field of fluid inside the pipeline to be tested is has the certain requirement, ultrasonic flowmeter is no exception. When the flow meter before and after the installation location cannot guarantee the straight pipe length, measuring error caused by the unsteady flow field is not allow to ignore. Many users restricted by instrument measuring Wells, in can not meet the requirement of the installation, the position of the measurement, which caused the increase of measurement error.
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