Application of the electromagnetic flowmeter is analysed in the field of water supply and how to form a remote monitoring system ( On)

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-03
Measurement technology for human beings, the development of science and technology progress, of electromagnetic flowmeter is among the more typical example, electromagnetic flowmeter using the electromagnetic induction principle measure flow is the application of Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, is one of common method in flow measurement methods, able to measure a variety of flow velocity and flow of conducting liquid flow passage shape. The application of electromagnetic flowmeter as early as in 1832, we all learned the junior middle school physics, electromagnetic induction law is found in 1831, British physicist Faraday, while human * times using the electromagnetic induction principle to measure flow is carried out by Faraday. When he was in the river Thames on both sides of the Waterloo Bridge, selection and flow direction perpendicular to the direction of the magnetic field, put down the two metal rods as electrodes to measure the water flow rate, which is a key initiative of human civilization, science and technology. In the field of modern industry measurement, the use of electromagnetic flowmeter has been very common, all kinds of new materials and new technology and the combination of electromagnetic flowmeter are also increasingly close, but the electromagnetic flow meter has its advantages also has its disadvantages, when we choose the products, be familiar with its working principle and measuring advantage, its function and role play to bigger, this paper focuses on the selection of electromagnetic flowmeter tap water company management, and introduces the remote transmission monitoring and control method of the electromagnetic flowmeter for flow meter in use process existing problems, and put forward their views and Suggestions. 1 meter type flowmeter metering accuracy, to the enterprise cost accounting, important indexes such as energy consumption calculation will produce great influence, therefore, choose to run stability, quality assurance, accurate measurement of the flowmeter is extremely important. With the development of science and technology, more and more varieties of flowmeter, different performance, technical parameters and conditions of use are different, so the selection should be to understand the performance characteristics of flow meter and connecting with the working condition of the unit. 1. Several flowmeter features: 1, the impeller type flowmeter, the working principle of the impeller type flowmeter is puts the impeller flow in the body, by the impact of the fluid flow and rotation, to reflect the flow of the size of the impeller rotating speed. The impeller flow meter mainly include water meter and turbine flowmeter, output means has two kinds of mechanical or electrical impulses. Mechanical transmission of the output water meter accuracy is low, error about & plusmn; 2%; Electrical pulse signal output of the turbine flowmeter accuracy is higher, general error for the & plusmn; 2% - - - - - - - 5%. 2, electromagnetic flowmeter, electromagnetic flowmeter is based on Faraday's law of electromagnetic induction, the conductive liquid cutting lines of magnetic force in magnetic field movement, induction electromotive force is formed in a conductor, and induced electromotive force and the magnetic induction intensity, the flow rate is proportional to the size, by measuring electromotive force to reflect the principle of pipe flow. Main pipeline and insertion type two kinds. Using precision grades of pipeline as & plusmn; 1. 5% - - - - - - - ± 2. 5%, achieve high precision & plusmn; 0. 5% - - - - - - - ± 1. 0%; The precision of plug-in for & plusmn; 1. 5% - - - - - - - ± 2. 5%. Because of shortfalls in the plug-in structure and installation error will affect the measuring accuracy, so choose pipeline is better. 3, ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter is based on the speed of ultrasonic wave propagation in a flow medium is equal to the average of the measured medium geometry and the principle of velocity and acoustic velocity itself. Points and doppler ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and the jet lag type currently adopted more time difference ultrasonic flowmeter. According to the use of different occasions, and can be divided into stationary and portable ultrasonic flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter. Stationary ultrasonic flowmeter is divided into external clip-on, plug-in, pipe sections of three. Stationary ultrasonic flowmeter for some loose of piping material, wall thickness is differ, sound guide adverse or corrosion is serious, the lining and tube wall for clearance and other reasons, caused by ultrasonic signal attenuation is serious. 1. 2 meter selection of basic requirements: 1, flowmeter is higher accuracy, stability operation. 2, small water pressure loss. 3, if the user greater variation in water or water distribution is very uneven, insist on flowmeter range than be larger. 4, higher sensitivity, meet the low velocity measurement accuracy. 5, working condition of flow meter on the scene, don't be too sensitive. 6, can choose according to need and direction of flow. 7, durable and reliable operation, easy maintenance. Several can compare the performance characteristics of flow meter, as shown in table 1. According to the above several kinds of flowmeter features, the basic requirement of flowmeter selection and select flowmeter trend both at home and abroad, choose intelligence, without loss of pressure of electromagnetic flow meter, ultrasonic flow object is reasonable. And from the mature circuit technology, the measurement stability, sensitivity and precision, technical features, installation and maintenance requirements, working condition, easy installation points remote monitoring, etc, to compare, select electromagnetic flowmeter than ultrasonic flowmeter is more suitable. In fact, regularly measurement division over the years adhere to the company for the online site than electromagnetic flowmeter and the relative error is meet the requirements. ( Unfinished, see below)
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