Anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter what are the range of application and matters needing attention

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-30
SC- 500 series corrosion principle of liquid level transmitter is: in the measured liquid static pressure is proportional to the height of liquid. Usually converts light effect of piezoelectric temperature sensor resistance temperature compensation, and then use the linear temperature compensation effect of silicon manufacturers independent research and development, high quality. Then listen to the antiseptic liquid level transmitter manufacturers engineers how to say: anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter is suitable for a variety of different media industry level of actual measurement, with excellent structure, adjustment is simple, flexible installation, practical advantages. At the same time, to the introduction of the liquid pressure I through ascension stainless steel gas sensor of the positive pressure chamber, and then connect the liquid level of the atmospheric pressure Po to sensor of the negative pressure chamber, to compensation of sensors at the back of the Po, so the pressure on the sensor measurement. Obviously, the height of the liquid can be determine by measuring the pressure P. Anti-corrosion liquid transducer under the debug method is first twist of confinement, and then look at zero and the tensile strength, external standard power and current ( 0. More than 2) In pieces, and then the steps as follows: when no liquid in the transmitter, adjust the zero resistance, make the output current is 4 ma, mixer will transmitter to full scale, adjust the full scale resistance make the output current to 20 ma, after adjustment, tighten the protection cover. Anti-corrosion liquid level transmitter use notice: all the products delivered with instructions and the certificate, including product number, technical parameters, the delivery date and other pr check carefully to avoid abuse. According to our company management instructions to open the power supply. Use in the abnormal situation, should immediately interruption of power supply, immediately stop using or directly contact our technical department. At the time of normal transportation and storage, must notice to ensure that the original packaging, but also to be carefully stored in low temperature, dry and ventilated warehouse. 18 months warranty.
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