Analyses how to correctly in the dyestuff production process modelling the right flow meter

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-05
A, in this paper, the dye technology is a very long history, according to archaeological results show that five thousand years ago in ancient India and the Middle East has been circulated, development to the modern society, dye technology has developed into a specialized, independent industry, printing and dyeing needs to provide services for all walks of life. Dyes usually soluble in water, part need dye mordant dyes can stick on the fiber. Can make the color must be attached on the fiber material, and not easy to fall off, change color. Because of the dye is through the liquid state to be able to own dyeing ingredient to printing and dyeing to other material, because of its materials involve a wide range of different material properties, reaction process and dye precise control is required, this requires accurate measurement of reagents, this must involve the issue of how to correctly select flowmeter. How to select the appropriate flow meter for accurate measurement of these materials is a highly technical requirements of the job, need to pay attention to many details of the problem, once the wrong selection will lead to a lot of problems, such as inaccurate control, waste of raw materials or maintenance cost is too high. In this paper, aniline black dye production device to illustrate how to use specific steps correctly choose appropriate flow meter, for dye process flow and selection of instrument has certain guiding significance. Second, flowmeter selection when facing the problem of dye project is characterized by intermittent operation, large flow range change, there are differential pressure changes, material variety, the viscosity, toxic, flammable, etc. The reaction of the material is usually under harsh conditions. In dye project characteristics of the material being tested, the purpose of the measurement, investment scale, such as use requirement has a variety of different requirements. These many, make to choose the appropriate flow meter is not easy. The following combination of aniline black device specific examples to illustrate the selection of flow meter steps, to choose the stable flow meter use, convenient maintenance, instrument, low maintenance cost, final goal at reasonable prices. 3, aniline black device production process the production principle of aniline black device is used, recycled aniline, nitrobenzene, aniline hydrochloride, such as hot water by reactions such as condensation, acidification, producing alcohol soluble aniline black. Alcohol soluble aniline black device process is as follows: the following is a detailed description for each process. ( 1) Aniline preheating process: through the pump liquid raw materials, recycled aniline respectively into preheating the axe and with specified amount iron trichloride, mix slowly closed after preheating kettle feeding mouth. Then to preheat within the jacketed kettle steam heating material in the preheating. ( 2) Condensation process: preheating material in the use of vapor pressure to condensation inside the kettle, start the agitator condensation kettle, at the same time, the condensation kettle jacketed zhongtong into the material in the condensation heat conduction oil heating material, through the metering tank adding nitrobenzene condensation kettle in response, after the completion of the reaction heat preservation for a period of time ( System a pre-set time) 。 ( 3) Acidification process: hydrochloric acid by pump and hot water into the acidification reactor respectively, then good condensation reaction liquid, through the vapor pressure to acidification reactor, start acidification tank agitator, acid acidification process inspection, if the acid is insufficient, should through the pump adding waste sulfuric acid, will stay after acidizing reaction materials into the water tank. ( 4) Washing and belt type washing process: washing box set the filter cloth from receiving acidification, acidification pot filtrate into the mother liquor and kettle distilled from aniline cycle again after use. Wash with hot water washing acidification material for many times, until the end. Wash the same suction in the mother liquor and kettle. ( 5) Filtering process: after washing the filtrate to the belt type vacuum filter, vacuum filter material after dehydration by chute to the screw conveyor, off the water flow into the mother liquid and in the kettle. ( 6) Dry process: from the screw conveyor material into the flash dryer, with hot air drying, drying after the gas-solid separation, separation of solid material into the bin, airflow through a bag dust away empty after the solid material. ( 7) Packaging process: good material suction bin will be dry, the feed opening star feeding in vibrating screen, after screening crushing materials vacuum switch to the bunker, the feeder to finished product packaging. After crushing, packaging vacuum pump. Four, the analysis needs to flow control device is a process of point by analyzing the technological process can know the flow measurement is required: (the following places 1) Preheating process need flow metering reactant with aniline, recycled aniline. ( 2) Condensation process need flow metering reactant with aniline, nitrobenzene. ( 3) Acidification process need flow metering reactants have hot water, waste by-product hydrochloric acid, sulfuric acid. ( 4) Utility piping need flow metering reactants have steam, cooling water, plant air, instrument air and industrial water.
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