All kinds of industrial measuring transducer principle is simple to understand and the common fault solution

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-10-11
The introduction in the industrial field measurement sensor and transmitting device is two words, often referred to in the modernized industrial production, automation control level and scope of more and more widely, many physical quantity measurement, recording and calculation requires all kinds of automation instrument, such as temperature, pressure, liquid level, flow, such as composition, the output of various physical quantities will need to have the record of a unified standard, now common unity is to transform these quantities into 4 & ndash; Than 20 ma standard signal output, transmitter sensor's advantage is its completion of non-electricity converts measurable quantity, also can realize signal amplification. The development of social industrialization made application is becoming more and more widely in the transmitter, the transmitter type has a lot of, in the industrial control instrument and play an important role in the field of industrial automation, the main application of the transducer are mainly temperature transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, flow transmitter, and so on. Transmitter will have all kinds of physical quantity signal standardization, signal isolation and convenience of signal transmission, and other advantages, can guarantee the accuracy, stability and reliability of the production process. Based on the classification of deflection, the paper analyzes the common failures in the transmitter application and coping strategies, hope that we can to ensure the safety of production in the practical application. But the transducer applications, also more and more problems, due to the low level of installation and maintenance, usually more difficult problems in the transmitter, this will not only affect the normal production, more serious will also threaten the production safety. 1 transmitter types and characteristics of 1. Mainly through 1 transmitter concept transmitter to measure physical quantities, such as temperature, pressure, composition, translates into a unified standard current signal, and the signal is amplified and performance is better than sensor optimization, is an important part of automatic control system. The classification of the transmitter can be divided into: on the basis of the measured quantity different integrated temperature transmitter, differential pressure transmitter, capacitive level transmitter, liquid level transmitter, ultrasonic transducer; According to different criteria, signals can be divided into: differential pressure transmitter, antimony electrode transmitter acidity and the concentration of the transmitter, conductivity transmitter, intelligent transmitter. 1. 2 difference of differential pressure transmitter to send the transformer of the main components include: load cell sensor, module circuit and display meter, watchcase and process fittings, etc. Its function mainly through will receive the signal is converted into standard pressure of gas, liquid and relatively stable current voltage signal to realize that these data can give instructions alarming device, recorder, controller and other secondary instrument provides secondary measurement data, to complete the instructions and process adjustment, differential pressure transmitter according to the pressure range can be divided into general differential pressure transmitter, 0. 001MPa~20MP3) And differential pressure transmitter ( 0 ~ 30 kpa) Two kinds. Measuring principle of differential pressure transmitter is: in the integration process pressure respectively on both ends of silicon pressure sensor and the reference pressure, by different pressure between the pressure of small displacement of silicon wafer deformation, deformation of the tiny enough to make the silicone piece on the full dynamic wheatstone bridge in mV level output voltage signal driven by external current source, the voltage signal proportional relationship with the pressure. In actual operation, the voltage signals will be sent to a differential amplifier in order to complete the signal amplification, can produce a high magnification and the temperatures can offset each other elegant voltage signal, after amplification of the voltage signal into the corresponding current signal, again through the nonlinear correction, can be achieved with the standard input pressure into a linear relation between voltage and current signals. In addition, due to the strong excellent silicon material, so the output signal of the linearity and variation are very high.
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