About the problem of zero differential pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-02-01
Questions about zero differential pressure transmitter shandong Katie little helper prompts you to put any position, zero is different, so I put on the stone tablet, also is not the same everywhere, the biggest difference between 0. 5 ma, how to set a small pressure of zero. 1, the verification or calibration, the installation of test instrument to try to keep consistent with the instrument working state, can even simulation environment. Part 2, for the low accuracy of inspection instrument, the place will have a certain influence on the measured results, we don't have to struggle for this, as long as its value within the scope of the tolerance of the instrument, we can determine, less effective digits in the low accuracy of the instrument number. 3, small pressure is sensitive to environmental changes, temperature, wind, instrument can be placed into. Basically remain unchanged, even if the environment of multiple cycle measurement values may also be inconsistent, and this test environment, test equipment, test personnel have correlation.
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