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3051 differential pressure transmitter transmitter manufacturer of differential pressure transmitter 3051

by:KAIDI     2021-02-05
Company production of 3051 differential pressure transmitter is widely used for measuring liquid, gas or vapor liquid level, density and pressure, and then transform it into 4 ~ 20 ma DC signal output. Intelligent communication with HART hand operator, through its setting, monitor or with upper unit into the scene monitoring system. Second, product characteristics 1, has the very strong self diagnostic capacity range covering 0 - wide 0. 1 kpa ~ 40。 0 0 mpa2, precision. Level 075, span - 100:1 zero and span adjustment each other 3, both remote and local range, zero adjustment has a strong data protection and recovery mechanism 4 good, stable performance, high precision, adjustable damping force, resistance to one-way overload ability 5, no mechanical transmission parts, less maintenance workload, strong resistance to vibration 6, all part, replace the sensor does not affect the transmitter features, more convenient maintenance in July and contact medium diaphragm material can choose 8, two wire flameproof shell structure, in line with the HART protocol, but with HART275 type and 375 type hand operator for digital communication and do not interrupt simulation output kaidi independent production of various transducer pressure transmitter differential pressure transmitter is zibo pressure transmitter manufacturers.
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