19 kinds of common working principle of the liquid level meter is intuitive!

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-28
Liquid level switch, as the name implies, is used to control the liquid level switch. From the form mainly divided into contact and non-contact. Non-contact as capacitive liquid level switch, contact such as: ball float liquid level switch, electrode type liquid level switch, electronic liquid level switch. Capacitive liquid level switch can also contact method was adopted to realize. 1, magnetic frame, magnetic level gauge flap level gauge: also called inspcetion level gauge, magnetic level gauge double column. Principle: the principle of communicating vessels, according to the principle of buoyancy and magnetic coupling developed, when the measured liquid level fluctuation of the container, float in the permanent magnets by magnetic coupling to a magnetic indication panel, double column turned red and white column flip 180 & deg; , when the liquid level rising column from white to red, when the liquid level drops from red to white, double column panels on the red and white border for container liquid level of the actual height, so as to realize liquid level display. 2, float level gauge principle: float liquid level gauge structure mainly of design and production on the basis of the principle of buoyancy and static magnetic field. With the floating ball of magnets ( Floating ball) In the position of the measured medium affected by buoyancy effect: the change of liquid level lead to the change of the magnetic float position. Float in the magnet and sensors ( The magnetic reed switch) Function, make the string into the circuit components ( Such as fixed value resistor) The number of changes, and then cause changes in the amount of electricity meter circuit system. Is the change in the position of magnetic float cause the change of the electrical signal. By measuring the quantity of electricity to reflect the container level. 3, steel belt level meter principle: it is the use of mechanical balance principle of design and production. When the liquid level changes, the original mechanical equilibrium under the float by the buoyancy of the disturbance, will move through the steel strip of reaching a new equilibrium. Liquid level detection device ( Float) According to the level of leading steel belt move, the displacement of the transmission system working through the movement of the steel belt drive pin rotation, which ACTS on the counter to display the level of the situation. 4, the principle of radar level gauge: radar level meter is the measuring instrument based on the principle of time travel, radar wave running at the speed of light, running time can be transformed into material level signal by electronic parts. Probe a high-frequency pulse and probe spread along the cable type, when the pulse in the material surface reflected by the receiver inside the instrument, and the distance signal is transformed into material level signal. 5, magnetostrictive liquid level meter principle: magnetostrictive liquid level sensor, the sensor circuit part will inspire a pulse current on the wire waveguide, when the current wire along the waveguide propagation in the waveguide silk impulse current magnetic field generated around. Outside the magnetostrictive liquid level sensor rod is equipped with a float, the float along the rod can move up and down along with the change of liquid level. A group of permanent magnetic ring inside the float. When the impulse current magnetic field when they met with float copper produced by the magnetic field, the magnetic field around the float is changed so as to make the wire made of magnetostrictive materials waveguide in float position to produce a torsion wave pulse, the pulse at a fixed speed along the waveguide wire back and detected by the detection institution. By measuring the pulse electric current and time lag of the torsion wave can accurately determine the position of the float is located, namely on the surface of the liquid position. 6, rf admittance level principle: rf admittance level meter is composed of sensor and control meter, the sensor can be used rod type, or coaxial cable type agent installed on warehouse top. The pulse sensor card can convert level changes to the pulse signal to control instrument, control instrument after processing into a display of quantities, so as to realize the continuous measurement of material level. 7, a tuning fork level meter principle: tuning fork type material level controller works by installed in the fork of a piezoelectric crystal that tuning fork under certain resonance frequency vibration. When tuning fork and contact measured medium, the frequency and the amplitude of a tuning fork will change, these changes to be inspected by intelligent circuit, processing and converted to a switch signal. 8, glass level gauge, Glass tube liquid level meter) Principle: glass plate level gauge is through flange connected to the container constitute connectors, through the glass plate can be directly read container liquid level height. 9, pressure liquid level transmitter principle: capacitive liquid level gauge is the variation of the measured capacitance level to measure the liquid surface. It is a metal rod inserted into the liquid container, metal bar as a capacitor, the container wall as the capacitance of the other. The medium between the two electrodes is above the liquid and gas. As a result of the liquid permittivity & epsilon; 1 and on the surface of the liquid permittivity & epsilon; 2 different, such as: & epsilon; 1> ε 2, when the liquid level rise, capacitive liquid level gauge the overall dielectric constant value between the two electrodes mounted electric capacity increase consequently. Conversely when the liquid level drops, & epsilon; Value decreases, and also reduce the capacitance. So, capacitive liquid level meter can be through the change of capacitance between the two electrodes to measure the liquid level height.
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