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Widely used single remote transmission of liquid level transmitter

by:KAIDI     2020-10-12
Single widely used remote transmission of the liquid level transmitter and medium of the liquid level transmitter is used to prevent water pipe directly into the transmitter in the pressure sensor components, it is between the transmitter and capillary connected by the filled with fluid. Single remote transmission liquid level transmitter is used to measure the liquid level of liquid, gas or steam, flow and pressure, and then transform it into 4 ~ 20 ma DC signal output. Single remote transmission liquid level transmitter can communication with HART hand operator, through its setting and monitoring. Can avoid direct contact and transmitter isolation diaphragm measured medium, single far eastone transfeeder at this measurement method is applicable to the following several ways: 1, the sensitive element of transmitter measured medium corrosion effects. 2, need to be measured medium and high temperature transmitter isolation. 3, the medium to be tested with suspended solids or high viscosity medium. 4, the medium to be tested by the lead pipe at the same time easy to curing or crystallization. 5, change of measured medium must strictly to purify the measuring head. 6, measuring head must keep health, it is forbidden to pollution. Single remote transmission liquid level transmitter using object: corrosive or viscous liquid. As China's industrialization pace of business opportunities, now China has become an economic superpower. In China booming economy, more and more advanced technology was introduced into China, and developed rapidly, single far eastone liquid level transmitter is first applied to all walks of life. Inductive meeting found that carefully in the following several areas of the single remote transmission liquid level transmitter has an irreplaceable role. First is the industry, as the rapid development of China's manufacturing industry, industrial development has been in the first place, single far eastone transfeeder mainly in the petroleum chemical industry, agriculture, metallurgy and other industries have a wide range of applications, in the industry, as a single far eastone transfeeder instrument because of its high precision measurement, high stability of the play is widely used in automatic control system. Followed by energy, a lot of energy in the process of its refining and mining can be applied to single remote transmission liquid level transmitter, or as a measurement instrument, or as a balance scale, completed numerous large amounts of data recording and measuring, now has become the irreplaceable one item. At the beginning of the above said to the two aspects, one far eastone liquid level transmitter has been applied to other aspects in this not introduced one by one, anyhow say single remote applications of liquid level transmitter has penetrated into all walks of life.
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