When choosing and using magnetic flap liquidometer ten matters needing attention

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-09
In recent years, various types of liquid level measuring instrument appear constantly, for the industrial production of liquid level measurement has brought convenient, also make the accuracy of the measured data of the scene is increasing day by day, magnetic liquid level measurement of liquid level meter is a traditional turning products, because of its intuitive, simple installation, easy maintenance, the characteristics of its important position in the field of liquid level measurement is still position, simple structure design for a bonus. Magnetic flap level gauge will appear in the process of application of inevitable product wear aging and dirt accumulation, these reasons to cause a decline in the service life of the magnetic flap level gauge, magnetic flap not only basically all the instruments and meters, embellish of RZ - instrument production UHZ series magnetic level gauge is not exceptional also, turning. So what is the magnetic level gauge turning maintenance method? Below according to embellish instrument technical personnel for many years in summing up the experience of the relevant feedback information and valuable work to explain it in detail and compared the one by one. Hope this article can help you better understand the product maintenance attention points, prolong its service life, reduce maintenance for your company replacement cost, control the cost. A, liquid level meter in the process of use, must ensure that the vertical. If have tilted, will cause the inspcetion components and measuring tube wall friction, by into element wear and tear, effect use effect and may cause measurement errors. Second, in the design and installation connection channel, between good can install interface in magnetic level gauge with turning more add a pair of globe valve. The valve seems to increase the cost a little, but the effect is very big, convenient for the maintenance and cleaning maintenance in the future, also can be in level gauge failure of safe and convenient for dismantling replacement. Three, the industrial production process of all kinds of things can happen, because of the special working principle of magnetic level gauge turning, special attention should be paid in the middle of the production, do not use a magnetic electric equipment or materials piled up near the level gauge, this will be a direct result of the measurement data is not accurate, serious still can damage internal components of original magnetic, make its can't normal use. Four, after each level gauge internally is clean, pay attention to slowly let measured container of liquid into the measuring tube, fast velocity on the floating ball impact, serious word can make the floating ball damaged, unable to measuring liquid level of the consequences. Five, the measured medium precipitation phenomenon, you need to regularly timed for drainage and cleaning magnetic flap liquid meter. More than sediment measurement data causes error, and lead to the level of shortening the service life. Six, the operator should pay close attention to in the middle of the daily use to see if there is leakage phenomenon, should be replaced timely component of leakage part, prevent the leakage of medium cause corrosion damage to the gauge. Seven, around the magnetic flap level gauge, is also not allowed to have a guide magnetic material close to. Far eastone type magnetic flap liquidometer in bundles, must pay attention to is to ban the use of iron binding reinforcement material, doing this will make the result of the liquid level meter not work properly. Eight, when encountering don't dispose without preparation, must to repair again after understand the reason, if have not understand can seek advice to the manufacturer, otherwise the damages to the liquid level meter components thed loss outweights the gain. Nine. Before use, the liquid level meter with correction magnetic steel balls under zero set to red, the other parts of the ball will be set to white. Ten, when users to carry with heat pipe road, to choose the magnetic materials, such as material, such as copper tube, while with the temperature of the heat pipe road to determine according to the specific media. Magnetic flap and the installation position of liquid level meter, also should pay attention to avoid the import and export, or away from the medium can because local media change quickly, otherwise affect the accuracy of the measurement data. At the same time also need to be aware of is that within the medium not containing solid impurities, or with a magnetic material, that will get in the way of floating ball work. Magnetic flap liquidometer understand and adhere to these ten to operation and maintenance, believe that your products can increase the use of time will be more durable. ( In this paper, published by the embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. )
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