What is the difference between the pressure transmitter and pressure gauge?

by:KAIDI     2021-02-11
Shandong kaidi automation equipment to tell everyone about the pressure transmitter and pressure gauge what are the differences between both? 1 check the required pressure transmitter specification instrument accuracy is far higher than the pressure gauge the specification of instrument accuracy. 2 pressure gauges need to check a pair of relationship between input and output, a pressure transmitter may demand and verify the relationship between input and communication data. Three pressure gauge calibration must have corresponding qualifications of measurement, pressure transmitter in addition to the factory of consumption and the construction of the new normal is not request. 4 gauge accuracy is poor, no output, not enough HART, regular check 5 points, is not the same as the difference of back and forth. The intelligent pressure transmitter ordinary just check zero and full scale. 5, output pressure gauge for calibration instructions, appeared to itself. Pressure transmitter for current output, it is necessary to take corresponding precision grade ammeter revealed. Through the above introduction we see not hard pressure transmitter in the same operating conditions the amount of pressure value more accurately, the function of the late expanding pressure gauge are much higher. So they are not able to equivalence of the two kinds of instrumentation equipment.
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