What are the manifestation of magnetic level gauge turning failure and induction and analysis of failure of the situation

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-08-01
Magnetic buoyancy and magnetic liquid level gauge is through the inspcetion turning and liquid medium and outer panel, the effect of every part of the fault to a measuring instrument, malfunction, unable to normal measurement. According to embellish instrument technique department summarize experience, the specific construction form of magnetic level gauge turning failure has the following kinds: actual level rise, and liquid level meter calibration is not turning up have no reaction, a general designation & other Turn column not & throughout; ; Scale plate with liquid level rise and rise and flip display scale, but there are double column turn red, also have not turned to white ( Unknown, here we can see the magnetic flap principle of liquid level meter) ; Scale the flap to stop at a certain level scale. Magnetic level gauge turning failure reasons are many, such as site operation mistakes or installation at first when I was led to the level meter damage and not know; , of course, also have to use time is too long, to life; Also have a plenty of instrument components appear the quality problem of the cause. According to the principle of the safety of the instrument installation generally important tank farm, will be installed on each container need to measure two kinds of liquid level measuring instrument, measuring data comparison each other, so will not because only a liquid instrument installation, and measurement are not allowed to be caused by the instrument faults, effectively guarantee the production safety and the accuracy of the measurement. Customer site to install more than one magnetic flap for liquid level will be the varieties, may also install the radar level gauge or differential pressure type level gauge. The situation in the magnetic liquid level turning several failure, this paper made a summary and analysis. Diagram 1 installation diagram 2 magnetic level gauge turning failure symptoms: actual level rise, and liquid level meter calibration is not turning up have no reaction, a general designation & other Turn column not & throughout; Magnetic level gauge chart according to the principle of magnetic level gauge turning, turning the actual liquid level rise, magnetic float level gauge subject the pipe will rise, because the magnetic float with magnetic and scale of the double column magnetic interaction in the flap, from the driver turn column from white to red, but did not respond to the double column, it illustrates three things need to troubleshoot: *, first may float stuck; Second, float lose magnetism; Third, double column lose magnetism. Greater likelihood of the above three possibilities is magnetic float stuck and float lost. Float stuck in general because of two reasons: * first, due to the stress field and the custom level meter provides the pressure, the pressure is too high, lead to float deformation in the pipe, so you can't rise; Second, due to the nature of medium thick or prone to crystallization under a certain temperature, the original design without using heat preservation measures, led to the viscosity of medium to high or produce crystallization, lead to float stuck. Lose magnetic float is also because the pressure is too high, this situation must be magnetic level gauge turning in order to provide clear medium pressure at the scene. Lose magnetic float with manufacturers in a can. The third reason to lose the magnetic double column, should be used after a long time, need to change. Magnetic level gauge failure symptom 2: turning index plate with liquid level rise and rise and turn to show scale, but the double column has turn into red, also has not turned white to the symptoms of the two reasons, actually not very troublesome, internal magnetic magnetic float too strong, sometimes leads to rise in the process of column had strong magnetic drive, lead to translate from white to red, double column going back white again, so can let a person think it turn column is not fault, only need to use similar construction waste things will gauge panel and main pipe separated by a small distance within about 5 mm. That is to say, with the principal part of pipe between the gauge panel for a similar project of waste things. Magnetic level gauge failure symptoms of the three: turning scale flap to stop at a certain level scale. This third symptoms on the one hand, also may be two reasons, one of the reasons is the float was stuck. “ Scale the flap to stop at a certain level scale fixed throughout the &; Is another phenomenon, such as liquid level up to 1 m, don't display, the actual level has risen to 2 meters, this shows that 1 meter below is normal, more than 1 meter is not normal, the possible reason is that double column is broken, can change the panel of the whole column, also can change the double column between 1 m to 2 m.
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