Ultrasonic flowmeter testing has become an important technical force of boiler energy efficiency test

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-12
Chongqing special equipment inspection institute smoothly & other; Ultrasonic flowmeter testing technology in the application of boiler energy efficiency test research & throughout; Scientific research project, successfully fill blank of organic heat carrier boiler high temperature medium flow test project, the successful completion of the project for organic heat carrier boiler type test and test work regularly provides a good technical support, for industrial boiler energy efficiency test work is of great significance in the field of production, also for the development of China's instrument measuring technology provides a new source of power. As an important part of boiler energy conservation and the boiler energy efficiency test, especially at present, the industrial boiler, main types of organic heat carrier boiler, its energy efficiency testing work in printing and dyeing, chemical industry and other serious pollution of the present have a vital role, for the whole industry in the field of energy conservation and emissions reduction, for the government on the implementation of the strategic development of energy saving and emission reduction also has a very important role. So for the requirement of the market at present can not affect production and measurement technology is the needs of testing work of energy efficiency, and ultrasonic flowmeter testing technology for under the condition of not cutting process piping medium flow measuring boiler, become an important research project of the boiler energy efficiency test techniques. What is ultrasonic flowmeter, principle and function of concrete is a manifestation of how, in short, ultrasonic flowmeter testing technology is based on the ultrasonic propagation in the flow of fluid in the process of carrying fluid velocity information of this principle, through the signal processing method is simple and reliable, through a series of digital processing module will collect to convert the velocity information of traffic information, straight in the intuitive way of digital display the output display to the user, for users to analyze and use it. Compared to traditional flowmeter, ultrasonic flowmeter and ever its superior characteristics of low cost, easy to install, and do not need to change the flow of the fluid, won't produce additional resistance, is a kind of ideal energy-efficient flowmeter. However, because of the ultrasonic flowmeter as a new type of instrument, from research to really into the practical industrial application, only appeared in recent decades, and because at present, the ultrasonic flowmeter technology is not very perfect, can promote the development of the domestic ultrasonic flowmeter technology project is not much, the project research results not only for the boiler energy conservation and bring the Gospel, but also promote the development of the technology of ultrasonic flowmeter. At present, the domestic has technology of ultrasonic flowmeter, embellish of instrument science and technology co. , LTD. As an enterprise of * * in the production of ultrasonic flowmeter, in recent years has been to improve product quality, increase the enterprise's r&d strength above work, hope to be able to hand in hand all the people at home, find a belongs to own industrial instrumentation development, instrument industry development in China to make their proper role. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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