Ultrasonic flowmeter measurement pipeline has bubbles and solution with strong interference, and other problems

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-11
When asked, pipe inside the bubble ultrasonic flowmeter measurement is accurate? Answer: the pipe inside the bubble, such as bubbles reduced impact signal, can affect the accuracy of measurement. Solution: first off bubbles before measurement. Q: ultrasonic flowmeter under strong interference can't use at the scene? A: power supply range is larger, surrounded by frequency converter or strong magnetic field interference, ground wire is not correct. Solution: provides a stable power supply for ultrasonic flowmeter, flow meter installed far away from the frequency converter and the strong magnetic field interference, has the good grounding line. Q: ultrasonic inserting type sensor use after a period of time signal to reduce? A: possible ultrasonic inserting type sensor offset or sensor surface scale of thick. Solution: to adjust the ultrasonic inserting type sensor location, erase sensor surface. Q: ultrasonic outer clamp flowmeter signal low? Answer: the pipe diameter is too large, pipe scaling is serious, or choose to install right way. Solution: the diameter is too large, severe scaling, suggested by ultrasonic inserting type sensor, or select & other; Z” The type of installation. Q: ultrasonic flowmeter instantaneous flow volatility? A: A big, signal intensity fluctuation; B, itself measuring fluid volatility; Solution: adjust the ultrasonic sensor position, and improve the signal strength, guarantee the stability of signal strength, such as fluid volatility itself, the location is not good, to study, to ensure that the top 10 d after 5 d condition requirements. Q: ultrasonic flowmeter measurement time transfer ratio of less than 100% & plusmn; 3, is what reason, how to improve? Wrong answer: improper installation, or pipe parameters, detection of pipeline parameters are accurate, install distance whether it is right to ask: ultrasonic flowmeter undetectable signal? A: confirm the line parameter is set correctly, the installation method is correct, contact problem is good, whether the pipe filled with fluid, whether measured medium containing bubbles, whether in accordance with the ultrasonic flowmeter the installation from the host shows ultrasonic sensors, sensor installation direction is wrong. Q: ultrasonic flowmeter reach below 60 Q value, what is the cause? How to improve? Answer: if there is no problem on site installation, under the condition of low Q value may be due to the dissatisfaction of fluid pipe to be tested, there are air bubbles or variable frequency and high voltage equipment in the surrounding conditions. 1) Ensure full of fluid being measured tube and no bubble ( Install exhaust valve) ; 2) To ensure good grounding measurement host and ultrasonic sensors; 3) Ultrasonic flowmeter work power do not share a power supply with variable frequency and high voltage equipment, USES the dc power supply work as far as possible; 4) Ultrasonic sensor signal lines do not parallel with power cable, should be in parallel with the flowmeter signal cable or a separate line and set of metal tube protective shield; 5) The ultrasonic flowmeter host from interference environment; Q, ultrasonic flowmeter, the laying of the cable? Answer: 1, laying cable pipe ultrasonic flowmeter, try to separate the power cord and signal lines laying, don't use the same line, choose four points ( 1/2 ') Or 6 points ( 3/4 ') Galvanized pipe, can be tied for tube. 2, underground installation, it is recommended that the cable wear metal pipe, prevent cable by accident or mouse bite, cable diameter 9 mm, 2 per of ultrasonic sensor cable, metal tube diameter is greater than 30 mm. 3, from the power line, and the other cable laying the same cable conduit, need to wear metal tube, in order to improve anti-jamming performance. In this paper by embellish instrument technology co. , LTD. Arrange release.
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