Super cold wave hit instruments need to actively deal with frost prevention

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-11-04
In recent days, the national meteorological center and across the province meteorological department issued to the society has a super cold wave attack warning notice, is located in north China and east China and south China friends should pay attention to the cool early warning. According to the meteorological department forecast, a strong cold wave comes from Siberia to swept across most parts of China. Its cool, low temperature, are strong this year. In this cold, in addition to people need to keep warm, in the life of common water meter has come & gas meter, electrical, plumbing and other Fragile & throughout; , including the industrial production scene indoor-outdoor measuring instrument will experience serious test, friends need to do a good job of antifreeze in advance. Gas pipeline suffering from serious gas liquid water contains saturated vapor phase water even, continuous cold weather can lead to gas hydrate plug valves, pipes, and user's gas meter frozen condition, make the residents to gas. Maintenance personnel with gas company, said in severe cases, almost every day to deal with more than 200 frozen gas meter. More worrying is that there are more serious consequences than affect residents' life, gas after the gas explosion accident prone to properly. Jilin city of jilin province on January 17th, after a heavy snow, a residential area is large area of gas leakage and explosion accident happens, severe losses. Therefore, completes the ice blocking prevention work is imminent. But also want to remind the general residents, meet frozen, never removed by gas equipment or with boiling water pipes, so as not to cause more serious consequences. In a timely manner to find * * personnel service is for safety. During cold water meter fragile snow in hangzhou, zhejiang province, last week, the water industry group has conducted over 600 repair, of which more than 95% of the repair, is due to the cold weather caused by the earth's surface water pipe, water meter is broken, and residential area in use without water. This needs to be real-time monitoring of water, water pressure for each pump station, keeping the water pressure in reasonable scale, water transportation can be ensured to the homes of residents, and prevent the excessively high water pressure conduit blowout. At the same time, residents in the home also can make water anti-freezing heat preservation measures of the equipment. For example to check the water meter table if the door is closed; Night to close the kitchen, toilet and shadow the Windows of the room, assure indoor temperature above 0 ℃; Home have central heating, can open the door to the balcony, the temperature in order to promote at room temperature under the condition of the balcony. Right of antifreeze & other; Throughout the &; With & other; Don't & throughout; If it is found that the water in the home has been frozen, steel pipe can be used warm water to douse, elbow, in particular, can be baked, such as hair dryer but not for a long time in the same spot baking; Aluminum-plastic tubes can be used after towel wrapped with warm water slowly pouring rain, don't directly roasted with fire or with boiled water very hot. For water supply pipeline exposed, usable cotton or * * heat preservation material, plus a plastic seal them. When the temperature is too low, the faucet in the home can be slightly unscrew the water flow into the line, so can reduce the degree of pipes, water meter to freeze. Water meter as a kind of precision measuring instrument, has its own vulnerability, so when the water meter cold freezes, the measures to be more careful, prevent meter is damaged. After thawing water meter in use process, if there is a obvious error value, small make up recommend you good have water meter test place to test and maintenance, to ensure the normal use. If you don't want to bother, small make up have a more direct way. Currently on the market have a kind of antifreeze water meter, this kind of water meter has the very high cold resistant ability, this kind of water meter installation, can be frozen in a certain degree to prevent water meter. Many small make up epilogue to 2008 south low temperature sleet freezing weather is impressive, the heavy snow to 20 provinces ( Autonomous regions and municipalities) Brought different degree of damage, freezing rain lead to serious ice roads and power lines, electricity damaged, train stranded, etc. The temperature is not so serious, but still worthy of attention, I hope everyone can do it well in advance prevention, the snow and cold weather as much as possible about the negative influence to low life.
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