Steam vortex flowmeter in what field of uncertainty factors

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-09-22
Vortex flowmeter is a kind of industrial production of china-africa often flow measuring variety, mainly used for medium fluid flow measurement, such as gas, liquid, steam and other media. Is characterized by low pressure loss, large range, high precision, working condition of the measurement volume flow is almost not affected by the fluid density, the influence of the parameters such as pressure, temperature, viscosity. No moving mechanical parts, so high reliability, small amount of maintenance. Instrument parameters can be long-term stability. Using piezoelectric stress sensor, high reliability, can be in - Working temperature of 20 ℃ ~ 250 ℃ within the scope of work. There are standard signal simulation and digital pulse signal output, easy with the computer and digital systems, is a kind of comparison, the ideal flow meter. A, the density is closely related to the pressure and temperature of steam in order to correctly measure the quality of the steam flow, must consider the change of steam pressure and temperature, the through flow totalizer. especially vapor density to compensate. 1, the temperature of saturated steam, usually with fabricated platinum resistance or armoured platinum resistance is measured, it should be noted inserted into the center of the pipe thermal resistance, heat resistance is installed in the downstream of the flow meter of 5 times the pipe diameter, installation position heat resistance of the pipe heat preservation measures, the precision of grade A thermal resistance and other technical details, ensure accurate measured temperature value. 2, in the steam pressure measurement is important to note that if the lead pipe pressure, pressure transmitter installation location is usually lower than take pressure point, pressure transmitter must be zero migration ( Because led tube condensate gravity causes pressure transducer to measure the pressure with a certain difference between the actual pressure, cause density compensation error) , but also in the inner flow totalizer. especially for correction. Pressure transmitter is installed on the steam flow downstream of the 4 times the pipe diameter, pressure transmitter in front of the valve, gasket should be in good condition, to ensure the accurate measurement of steam pressure. If flow integrating instrument used set pressure, temperature compensation, close to the actual value to set, otherwise the error is very big, is generally not recommended. In 3, the flow totalizer. especially to correctly set the running state of vortex flowmeter are steam ( Can flow totalizer. especially through internal parameters will be set to flow totalizer. especially without compensation flow measurement, temperature and pressure compensation, the saturated steam temperature pressure compensation measurement superheated steam temperature and pressure compensation measure several running modes, vortex flowmeter is only applicable to the measurement of saturated steam, so also should choose corresponding flow totalizer. especially operating measurement mode) , which is very important to correctly calculate the cost of steam. For the use of steam condition not good judgment, or recommended intelligent flow totalizer. especially trade settlement, flow totalizer. especially cooperate with heat resistance, pressure transmitter in temperature and pressure compensation, so the measurement accuracy of the steam flow, it is also a customer in the measurement for the steam medium, the reason why we recommend customers to use steam metering system. 4, steam flow measurement system also must ensure that the right set of flow totalizer. especially related parameters, you can refer to the traffic flow totalizer. especially coefficient K value calculation and parameter Settings 'technical articles. Two straight pipe, steam vortex flowmeter installation is very important for steam vortex flowmeter, straight pipe before and after the installation requirement of 10 times the pipe diameter and 5 times the pipe diameter respectively. If the upstream and downstream straight pipe is not enough, will cause the pipe steam flow has not fully developed, the distortion in the velocity distribution profile. Users can install through in front of the table or increase the straight pipe flow regulator to adjust the velocity distribution of the pipeline, the table in the state of fluid for the full development. For some large diameter steam vortex flowmeter, satisfy the requirement of the upstream and downstream straight pipe installation is more important. Three, steam of vortex street flowmeter range than reasonable than refers to a flow meter in can ensure the accuracy of a given range, can measure the ratio of the large flow and little flow. User to choose according to their actual usage flowmeter, the range of vortex flowmeter are theoretically for the steam to completely cover the user use range. Exceeding the maximum limit traffic and use below cut-off flow leads to measured data are not allowed to be serious. Four, the scene should be to avoid vibration and electromagnetic interference phenomenon existing steam table of vortex flow meter to the influence of the design principle, is more sensitive to mechanical vibration, vibration measurement results are susceptible to interference, the front and rear section should be reliable support design, equipped with vibration buffer components, such as pipeline vibration is inevitable, should choose relatively strong anti-jamming capability. If the scene is vibration interference, will use of steam in the low frequency pulse signal influence of vortex flowmeters, the pulse, as the flow signals to flow totalizer. especially form cumulative flow, lead to partial steam vortex flows over a period of time without the aid of steam still have accumulated a certain amount of number. This is & other; Without the steam flow meter go words throughout the &; Reasons, so in the case of without steam, steam users also want to remember good table together with steam supply unit, prevent steam flow meter & other; Short run & throughout; 。 Five, the vortex street flowmeter verification is important measurement and regularly GB17167 - 2006 of the energy-using units energy measuring instruments equipped with the general rules and the management of specified: compulsory verification of measuring instruments and the energy measuring instruments should be inspected regularly, every JingJian does not conform to the requirements of measuring instruments are not allowed to be used. Steam vortex street flowmeter must regularly check, this is to ensure accurate measurement of steam flow. As a result, the customers will use every year the steam flow to the local statutory measurement technology for metrological verification institutions. If the steam flowmeter calibration qualified, and the actual use is feeling & other; Measuring no & throughout; When users are from the instrument is properly installed, type selection, state set, interference, the actual status if there is a change of steam, etc to find the methods to solve the problem
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