Single flange level transmitter double flange level transmitter manufacturers

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-12-25
Single flange level transmitter double flange level transmitter manufacturers lower flange level transmitter is determined by measuring the water pressure, and then based on converted to liquid level height, such as medium density and 4 - 20 ma output, easy to control system monitoring and control. Single flange level transmitter for various container tank liquid level, density of precision measurement, there are both flange and plug-in flange flat, suitable for high viscosity medium or suspension liquid measurement. Single flange level transmitter working principle: the single flange level transmitter working principle of shandong kaidi production is when two of the measured medium pressure ventilation with high and low pressure chamber, two role in & delta; Components ( The sensitive element) On isolation on both sides of the diaphragm, the spacer and components on both sides of the filling liquid to measure the diaphragm. Single flange level transmitter is by measuring diaphragm and on both sides of the insulation slices on the electrodes of a capacitor. When we have different pressure on both sides, to cause measuring diaphragm displacement, the displacement and stress is directly proportional to the difference, so both sides capacitance range, through the link of oscillation and demodulation, is converted into is proportional to the pressure signal. The working principle of pressure transmitter and absolute pressure transmitter and differential pressure transmitter is the same, the difference is low pressure chamber pressure is atmospheric pressure or vacuum.
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