Selection of parameters of compact type pressure transmitter

by:KAIDI     2021-01-25
What are small pressure transmitter type parameters: 1, pressure range, that is to measure the minimum pressure and maximum differential pressure. General pressure transmitter has 1. Five times the overload capacity. 2, the lowest temperature range of use: use and zui using high temperature. Are generally - 20~80℃. If the temperature is high, need to add other cooling measures. 3, the measured medium: as the measured medium is different, is different to the requirement of pressure transmitter. Such as acid and alkali resistant, ceramic sensor is better. The shell of acid and alkali resistance, etc. 4, measure precision: general use occasions, 0. The precision of 5% more. If the requirement to measure more, can ask to 0. 2%, or 0. The measuring accuracy of 1%. : 5, the output signal is used to related to secondary instrument can accept any signal. Mostly use 4 ~ 20 ma, there are other 0 0 - 5 v 10 v or 0 to 20 ma, etc. The output signal. 6, the size of the interface: it is according to the customer site conditions of use, processing and the corresponding installation size, can be customized.
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