Science and technology to guide the user installed correctly size long magnetic flap liquid level gauge

by:Kaidi Sensors     2020-07-25
Magnetic flap liquid level gauge is used in the industrial production of common liquid level measuring instrument, because the terminal condition differ in thousands ways, all the size and volume of the tank and a unified, so because of this special situation, basic instrumentation products are according to customer requirements and tailor-made, so will often appear some unconventional product size, when users to install, often can have a customer response due to the magnetic frame size is too long, can't normal installation or or cannot be properly installed, result magnetic flap state measurement in abnormal state, shortening the service life of the instrument. In order to solve this problem, long-term confused users as a * * * * manufacturing and service instrument, instrument science and technology co. , LTD. Has the responsibility for the majority of users solve the problem, today we have for the magnetic level gauge users to recommend turning an original magnetic flap level gauge installation method is simple and effective. For beyond a certain length of liquid level meter, * to the matters needing attention in installation to increase in the middle flange or ears fixed support, to increase the strength and overcome the weight of its own, make the instrument in the steady state. Magnetic level gauge turning installation points: 1, magnetic level gauge turning when installing the one in the first place, you should pay attention to avoid the choice away from material imports or exports, in order to check material fluid from dramatic change because of their local area, and influence the level of measurement results; 2, when equipped with remote transmission meter, need to pay attention to a few: 1) , remote meter zero point should be zero indicator at the same level with level gauge, 2) , remote meter and display instrument or industrial PC connection between good is wear protection pipe laying alone or in combination with shielding cable laying; 3) , should make remote meter close to the level of led tubes, and stainless steel shroud ring fixed ( Disable the hoop) ; 4) , remote meter induced surface should be oriented and close to the leading tube; 5) , junction box into the hole after laying, which requires good seal, so as to avoid the rain, moisture intrusion and make the remote transmission meter does not work, junction box in the inspection, after the completion of debugging to cover, cover in a timely manner. Above summary for complex installation condition and can't do detailed summarized, the specific installation will produce unexpected problems, which requires installation personnel is good at being creative, to find the right way of installation. Technology co. , LTD. Is engaged in years of magnetic level gauge turning manufacturing and installation and maintenance, accumulated a lot of valuable experience, is willing to take out the experience and methods to share with you.
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