Modern industrial development to make magnetic liquid level gauge with turning the three points

by:KAIDI     2021-01-13
More common, how to extend the magnetic level gauge manufacturing industry turning the main purpose of the magnetic flap level gauge of manufacturing industry in our country for a long time are all used in the traditional consumer market, papermaking, food, metallurgical industry, power plants and other manufacturing industries. But the demand of the market is various and changeable, so a large number of emerging industry and popular. Appears more and more new industry, is strong, such as: smart grid, new technologies, such as freight logistics interconnect application into the production of clothing, food and living industry, food, medicine and other industries of the social development request also increase fast, because the country for electric energy saving, environment protection, sustainable development view made tougher regulation, all the development trend of economic development mode and development trend of the natural environment is produced with continuous transformation, all these elements are, for the magnetic flap level gauge manufacturing industry made a broad sales market opportunities and the development trend of new * * * better opportunities. Second, the formation of independent innovation of science and technology innovation and its product research and development of high-end goods with economic development and the technical development trend, in view of the nondestructive testing technology and the regulation of mechanical automation more and more high, so a lot of mechanical automation and test new technology and new product emerge in endlessly, such as security dashboard system software and function of safety production technology, the wireless network dashboard and wireless sensor technology and high-grade goods, such as the Internet. Be sure to cause people to pay great attention to that in the application of new technology and new product level, the difference between Chinese companies and overseas is relatively large. If blindly optimistic, only consider the amount of increase, but not attach great importance to the development of new technology and new product design, the measures are not taken countermeasures, catch up, is likely to see the imported products monopoly. Some kinds of present China's low-end goods have scale advantage and international competition ability, such as general digital multimeter goods account for the world for such a big production, household electricity meter production accounted for 60% of the world. Little imagine, 150% of China's high-grade analyzer basically all rely on imports, China's top technical and goods production in China is very weak. According to relevant statistics, China's imports from overseas outstanding experimental instrument use value, historical over nearly how many hundred million yuan, in which have high technical or involves the security of national defence experimental instrument prohibited in mainland China. This kind of crisis situation drives China's dashboard manufacturing enterprises ( Containing magnetic flap level gauge manufacturing enterprises) Can, be sure to change the original low-end inefficient product research and development, to the orientation of the product research and development production of high-grade analyzer development trend. Magnetic flap based on the 12th five-year plan, China's level gauge manufacturing industry will be in the future 5 years in sales market in high-grade goods, for the overall goals, strengthen the design, production and product quality inspection work ability, make domestic goods get greatly improve the reliability and credibility. Three, technology and product research and development of talent cultivation of assets investment and there is no doubt that the company goods and technical product development must be money into a lot of complex talents and assets, and many of China's institutions of higher learning for technical expertise and magnetic flap was not attaches great importance to the course content, which creates a magnetic level gauge manufacturing industry turning great gap, professional and technical personnel to lack of professional talents of technology, new products and new technology application, where to start. Second is product research and development investment assets. A large proportion of Chinese companies are not independent from the technology of product research and development, due to the application of new technology or the new product research and development production and manufacturing, the allocation of funds is the equivalent of a big, some companies are not willing to part with or use assets investment, so the extended others' technical method, which creates a China out of professional and technical personnel. Magnetic flap over time will appear with the international level of out of control and manufacturing new product new technology application, overseas monopoly magnetic flap level gauge of manufacturing industry in China. In general, people understand, although the trend line and then not promote, the people on the road is still very long, there is no doubt also will encounter lots of difficulties and hardships, but if the magnetic level gauge people will look for the appropriate position, turning unswervingly walked down, believe yourself, fighting, not afraid of difficult, will go beyond the trend line, build a more prosperous magnetic flap liquidometer sales market.
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